Morbius: The main characters ranked by intelligence

Warning: Spoilers for Morbius are discussed in this article.

Production delay, new announcements regarding the status of the film in relation to the MCU and the leak of several spoilers from Sony, Morbius Finally got into theaters, answering some burning questions that fans have been haunting for months about the movie, as it brings the vampire first (and not the last) to the big screen.

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The film focuses on Dr. Michael Morbius (Jared Leto), as well as the supporting cast of characters. As many of the characters in the film are at the top in their respective fields, the overall cast looks very intelligent by the end of the film, but some certainly outperform others in the intellectual category.

7 Agent Rodriguez

Tyrese Gibson as Simon Stroud and Al Madrigal as Rodriguez in Morbios

Al Madrigal shines as FBI agent Alberto “Al” Rodriguez, who along with his partner Simon Stroud tried to find out about the bizarre incidents involving Dr. Michael Morbius and you, Morbius’s powerful enemy. Also, Rodriguez’s theory that vampires really exist in his world is beginning to prove to be correct, which makes his more level-level partner upset.

Rodriguez is a good detective, shown by the events of the film, but he often distracts himself from the case with his own expertise in comedy. Unlike his partner Stroud, Rodriguez does not seem to be in awe of any supernatural events that take place around him, as long as his passion does not harm him or others. Unfortunately, thanks to some of his antics, some have reached the wrong side of the hungry ghoul.

6 Dr. Emil Nicholas

Jared Harris in Morbis

The acclaimed Jared Harris (Mad men) Reaches Morbius Dr. Emil Nicholas, the surrogate father of both Michael and you, who tried to cure their degenerative disease. When his two surrogate sons grow up, he becomes entangled between their two conflicting theories after everyone turns into vampires as a result of Michael’s dangerous experiments.

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Dr. Nicholas was presented to the audience as a very intelligent mind who was very important to work in the medical field. Despite the fact that so, his intelligence is never shown directly to the audience, especially the character’s lack of serious screentime during the film. If Harris had been given more material to work on the brilliance of his character, perhaps the audience would have shunned him with a better idea of ​​how brilliant he really is.

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5 Simon Stroud

Tyrese Gibson as Simon Stroud in Morbios

Tyrese Gibson plays FBI agent Simon Stroud. His character acts as a foil for al-Madrigal agent Rodriguez, who plays a straight man while his partner jokes about their psychic discoveries. He and Dr. Rodriguez. When Michael Morbius tries to unravel the mystery surrounding him, Stroud becomes even more convinced of the potential for vampires in his world.

Unlike his fun but often irresponsible partner, Simon Stroud immediately sees the many lies that Michael Morbius, a more-level FBI agent, told him. Although he failed to do justice to Morbius or Mee for their crimes, Stroud proved to be a competent character in his own right, yet fans expecting a more exciting side of the comedy character to appear Morbius Probably disappointed.

4 In you

Matt Smith Morbius

Originally thought to be the villain Lucias Crown, AKA Hunger from the comic books, Matt Smith’s character is a combination of the comic book source material in you and Smith’s own dramatic genius. During the movie, Michael Morbius’s surrogate brother Milo, tired of waiting for a cure for his deteriorating condition, turns into a vampire like Michael, with an increased thirst for blood.

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Maybe it originated from the days when he was playing Doctor Who is the doctor, Matt Smith’s performances often have unspeakable intelligence behind them. Although Milo is not nearly as bright as his surrogate brother, it is often suggested that he has more mental toughness than he can credit himself for. In the end, it was Milo’s ambition, not lack of intelligence, that led to his downfall at the hands of Michael Morbios.

3 Adrian Tooms

Michael Keaton as Adrian Toms the Vulture in Morbios

To the shock and confusion of Marvel fans everywhere, the return of Michael Keaton as Adrian Toms as much of the film’s marketer, otherwise known as the Vulture from MCU and Tom Hollands. Spider-Man Movies, depending on his presence, create fan speculation about how he traveled from the MCU to the world of Morbius. When the character finally appeared during the mid-credit scenes of the film, he began sowing the seeds for the inevitable Sinister Six team-up being produced by Sony.

Adrian Tooms is a terrible villain, because even though he has no scientific or technical knowledge, he is fully capable of presenting a threat to those with such traits, thanks to his tactical and brutal villain. He appears only very briefly MorbiusFans already know that the brand of Tooms Intelligence will be heavily enforced when Sinister Six is ​​formed to fight Spider-Man.

2 Dr. Martin Boncraft

Adria Arzona as Martin in Morbis

Adria Arzona is a surprising stand-out Morbius As Dr. Martin Bancroft, Dr. Morbius is a partner in the search for a cure for his degenerative disease. Her presence helps to bridge the gap between the comics Morbius and what appears in the film, she helps to balance his own vampire vampire, keeping him more human than a vampire.

Martin appears to be a pioneer in his field, conforming to the genius of Dr. Michael Morbius on a daily basis. Her pairing with “Book Smart” is also a set of surprisingly useful “Street Smart”, expressing her ability to lose her tail, thus giving Morbi‌s the opportunity to help him put the FBI on the right track.

1 Dr. Michael Morbius

Jared Leto as Dr. Michael Morbias

Jared Leto plays Dr. Michael Morbios, a brilliant physician who suffers from an unknown degenerative disease. He devotes his life to medicine, in an attempt to cure his own condition, accidentally turning himself into a powerful vampire. When he comes to terms with his new powers, the living vampire must fight his own surrogate brother, proving that his bloodlust is less under control than his own.

The film was directed by Dr. It is safe to say that Michael Morbios was the most intelligent of the characters. Man was not only awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work (which he refused to accept), but he was also responsible for the invention of artificial blood, which the film portrayed as one of the greatest and most important advances in medicine. At all times. Although he eventually gained incredible physical abilities, Morbius’ great strength remained in his mind.

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