Moving from a ‘protect’ to a ‘prevent’ cybersecurity strategy

Moving from a ‘protect’ to a ‘prevent’ cybersecurity strategy

There are many new technologies, trends and methodologies that could make a real difference in the fight against cybercrime, but there are several key barriers preventing them from being effective in the local market. A lack of understanding of attackers and their behavior and motivations is one, as is the importance of risk prioritization being underestimated. In addition, many companies are burdened with massive technology debt, which has led to sprawl and complexity.

Concurrently, other factors such as supply-chain risks, skyrocketing amounts of data, unsecured APIs and a dire lack of cybersecurity skills are exacerbating the problem and inhibiting organizations from becoming truly cyber resilient.

In this white paper, CYBER1 Solutions makes some critical observations about the South African cybersecurity industry and delves into the trends affecting it. We will take the reader on a journey of how to challenge the norm, work within globally accepted frameworks and build solutions that suit every company and its unique appetite for risk and resilience.

Read further to challenge your thinking, and reject the status quo, because today’s adversaries are well-funded, determined and always one step ahead. To stay safe and secure, organizations need to move from “protect” to “prevent” strategies, by verifying and validating cyber-resilience capabilities, and in worst-case scenarios building the capability that ensures companies are able to respond effectively, recover, and get up and running as quickly as possible.

About CYBER1 Solutions
CYBER1 Solutions is a cybersecurity specialist operating in Southern Africa and East and West Africa, Dubai, and Europe. Our solutions deliver information security, IT risk management, fraud detection, governance and compliance, and a full range of managed services.

We also provide bespoke security services across the spectrum, with a portfolio that ranges from the formulation of our customers’ security strategies to the daily operation of endpoint security solutions. To do this, we partner with world-leading security vendors to deliver cutting-edge technologies augmented by our wide range of professional services.

Our services enable organizations in every sector to prevent attacks by providing the visibility into vulnerabilities they need to rapidly detect compromises, respond to breaches, and stop attacks before they become an issue.

  • The author, Jayson O’Reilly, is cybersecurity risk officer at CYBER1 Solutions. Connect with him on LinkedIn
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