MSCC offers exercise classes

The Main Street Community Center in Edwardsville welcomes the return of personal events with a new set of exercise classes.

  • Walking Club run by Carol Bridges – Free of charge. Tuesdays from 9:30 to 11:00 on places published on Facebook and the Centre’s website.
  • Functional fitness provided by Edwardsville YMCA, instructor Mary Tebbe – free of charge.
    The first and third Tuesday of the month from 12:15 to 13:00 in the Community Center on Hlavná Street
  • IMOVE and Groove class – led by Dr. Jill Oerthle, PT, DPT from iMOVE PT – Free.
    The second and fourth Tuesday of the month from 12:15 to 13:00 in the Community Center on Hlavná Street
  • Yoga led by certified instructor Lynn Dean – entrance fee 10 USD. Wednesday, 15:00 – 16:00 at the Main Street Community Center (entrance through the back door only)
  • Tai Chi, led by Terry Staebel – $ 100 for a 16-week session. Wednesday, 19:00 – 21:00 in the Main Street Community Center (entrance through the back door only)
  • Women’s Force, led by Nancy Migliozzi of Center Path Yoga – $ 5 entry fee. Every Wednesday from May from 8:30 to 21:15 in the Community Center on Hlavná Street

MSCC classes, along with most of the center’s personal activities, have been canceled for more than a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The first hall class to be restored was Tai Chi in September 2021.

“Our Walking Club met during the pandemic because it was out, and they walked with masks for a long time,” said Main Street CEO Sara Berkbigler. “Lynn Dean came to us with the idea to start a yoga class after the first year and it started in February.

“We’ve been talking to the Edwardsville YMCA for some time about trying to get an hour here, and they designed a Functional Fitness class for us. That’s what Mary Tebbe of the YMCA teaches. “

Recently, the center offered two more people to teach classes for the elderly.

“DR. Jill Oertle came to us for the iMOVE and Groove classes, so while Functional Fitness is meeting on the first and third Wednesdays, Jill will fill this time period on the second and fourth Tuesdays,” Berkbigler said.

“Strength training for women will be taught by the Center Path Yoga. It will also start in May. “

The iMOVE and Groove class includes exercises designed to improve your strength and balance, moving on to your favorite music of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. It can be enjoyed by people of all levels of fitness and mobility.

Yoga class is gentle and regenerating and beginners are welcome. You must bring your own pad and if you use cubes and a blanket, bring them as well.

Strength for Women, meanwhile, offers strength training for beginners using resistance belts and body weight. There will also be balance training as well as stretching and flexibility.

The class uses simple trigger point therapy to relieve pain. Most exercises are done standing or sitting.

The Walking Club, meanwhile, meets every Tuesday, and its program for the month began on April 5 at Schon Park in Glen Carbon.

The remaining walks for this month are April 12 at the Watershed Nature Center in Edwardsville, April 19 at Joe Glik Park in Edwardsville and April 26 at Drost Park in Maryville.

Walks start at 9:30. The club will not meet in extremely cold weather or during rainfall.

Berkbigler emphasized the health benefits of exercise classes for seniors, as well as the variety of hours available.

“There are so many classes and there is something for everyone. Some are free and others are charged, but the fees are very reasonable, “said Berkbigler.

“We have classes in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. Let’s hope we have something that will fit everyone’s schedule. Anyone can join the classes or the Walking Club, but they are designed with seniors in mind to suit their levels of ability, flexibility and strength. ”

In addition to the health benefits, Berkbigler noted that the courses offer the opportunity to socialize and make new friends, especially after social interaction has been limited during the last two years of the pandemic.

“For example, with the Walking Club, many of these people have become good friends,” Berkbigler said. “Then they have lunch or meet to go to the movies. It’s a great opportunity to meet other people. “

Berkbigler added that Main Street had renewed its plan for day trips, which had also been canceled due to the pandemic.

“We’ve been waiting for the Cardinals to start their plan, but now that they’re playing, we have day trips from April to December,” Berkbigler said.

The program includes a Cardinals game against the New York Mets on Wednesday, April 27; day in Illinois Amish Country on Wednesday, May 18 and a tour of the gardens and galleries of St. St. Louis on Wednesday, June 15, led by guide St. Louis and master gardener Linda Koenig.

For more information about the Walking Club, exercise classes or day trips available through the Main Street Community Center, send an email to or call 618-656-0300.

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