My Hero Academia Official Collaboration imagines Class 1-A as animals

My Hero Academy he saw some of his greatest characters going through wild transformations, with Deka growing by leaps and bounds from his earlier days as he tried to follow in the footsteps of All Might and become another Symbol of Peace. Now the set of figures to arrive in Japan shows how the 1-A characters are coming together in an incredible new way, each of which will receive an animal transformation, which was given the official name “My Hero Academia Kemono”. Kore “aka” animal collection “.

While the Shonen series didn’t see the heroes actually undergo a fusion, for the most part we saw many of the characters that the Quirks have showing off their best side. For example, Tokoyami, a young Class 1-A bird hero, has a head that looks much more like a bird than a human being, and his Quirk allows him to summon a shadow spirit that also takes on the form of a bird. On the other hand, the young hero Koji Koda has a strange appearance that is not so animalistic, but has the ability to talk to animals and give them orders.

The figurine makers in Kotobukiya have opened pre-orders for these wild new figurines, as well as sharing their pictures for My Hero Academia fans, with their website stating that they will be shipped later this year and all six will be on sale. for a total of approximately $ 52:

(Photo: Kotobukiya)

The characters themselves see Midoria as a “Yorkshire Terrier dog”, All Might as a lion, Bakuga as a “tailed lemur”, Uravita as a “slicer with ears”, Froppy as a frog and Shoto Todoroki as a cat. . At the top of these figures are the heroes of My Hero Academy It will also be part of a partnership with Tobu Zoo in Japan to launch the partnership from May 28 to the end of August 31.

Which of these figures would you add to your collection? What other heroes and villains from the Shonen series would you like to see associated with animals? Feel free to let us know in the comments or contact me directly on Twitter @EVComedy and talk about everything related to comics, anime and the world of UA Academy.

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