My niece is a teacher in a posh private school – one of the snooty mums gave her son the WORST name, it’s so cringey

MOST parents want to give their kid a name that will stand out but not cause them too much hassle as they got older.

It can be a tricky one to get right and loads of parents end up completely missing the mark.


The posh mum gave her son a cringey nameCredit: Getty

One Quora user explained that his niece is a teacher at a very posh private school and came across one of the most cringey names she’d ever heard.

He explained: “One year a new student started and their name (as written) was Re3dan.

“It was pronounced Reedan!”

For most parents, they know that giving their kid a name that’s spelled unusually comes with a fair amount of explaining, but the mum was having none of it.

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According to the this user she was totally snooty and wouldn’t accept that people were confused by the name.

“His mum was a nightmare,” he quipped.

“She visited every teacher to insist they pronounced and wrote it correctly.”

Not only that but if any teacher ever pronounced her son’s name she made sure they were reported and got a formal letter of complaint.

He continued: “She tried to get the school to reprimand any pupil that mispronounced her son’s name as well (the school didn’t).

“Apparently, the son was as obnoxious as his Mum.”

The mum made her son report any teachers who pronounced his name wrong


The mum made her son report any teachers who pronounced his name wrongCredit: Getty

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