New York Paper Shop Celebrates 8 Years of Inspiring Creativity with Innovative Products

Meet Altinio’s amazing team of amazing people!

Altinio connects with other industry companies and customers through trade fairs

Altinio connects with other industry companies and customers through trade fairs

Special meeting and greeting / card making workshop with Altino fans

Special meeting and greeting / card making workshop with Altino fans

Altinio turns 8 and celebrates with great gifts, free, inspirational blog hops, and exciting events for customers and fans alike. Learn more here.

Altinio continues to create creative and inspiring ideas, supplies and designs, allowing artists to express their emotions … giving them a place to escape and feel safe while creating.

– Nicole Picadora, Altinio’s chief operating officer

SYRACUSE, New York, USA, April 8, 2022 / – Altinio celebrates its eighth anniversary with great gifts for its customers, inspirational blog hops, free online classes, fun treasure hunts and more. . In an effort to promote creativity in the world of handicrafts, the online machine shop promotes and promotes paper makers with its wide range of products around the world. The company was founded on the belief that everyone should be able to express their creativity through the art of papermaking. With that in mind, they now offer more than 6,000 comprehensive products, covering 90 product categories and serving up to 88 countries around the world since its inception.

In the spirit of giving back to its customers, Altinio began celebrating its week-long anniversary with free shipping deals, a free online class offering its popular Laring Stanley, and a 5-day blog hop featuring expert paper makers. Filled with creative ideas from. Industry. The celebration doesn’t stop there. Altinio also hosts an annual treasure hunt on its YouTube channel. It is a kind of event that encourages fans to get in touch and play for a chance to win prizes during the week. To accomplish this, the company rewards a large number of customers by delivering remarkably designed personalized stamped sets. This is the perfect time for Altinio to reflect on this remarkable milestone over the past eight years and thank everyone who supports this vision.

Nicole Piccadora, director of Altino Operations, talks about Altin’s impact on the papermaking industry. “From eliminating the concept of stamp lamination to laying stencils to providing color-coordinated shadows, Altinio proudly serves artists by bringing a unique and innovative concept to the papermaking industry. Have helped them get detailed, in-depth and realistic images (in their projects), giving them a sense of artistry. See you on social media these days.

The growth of this New York-based paper company is a testament to the unqualified quality of its products and the trust and support of its customers around the world. Over the years, Altenio’s goal has been to create modern and timeless designs that evoke creativity. As of February 2022, the store now has 6,456 comprehensive device products, of which 951 are stamp sets. It’s a long way from having a handful of photopolymer stamps to artist-grade watercolor sets and game-changing mask stencils. While flower stamps are still Altinio’s most popular product, its best-selling products now range from innovative project kits and hot sheet plates to beginner-friendly watercolor pencils and layered stencils. In addition, the company’s popular monthly subscription series features all-in-one, multi-purpose products that are not only beautiful but also practical.

The 5 Day Anniversary Blog Hop highlights the company’s unique milestones and pays tribute to the exciting card makers and scrapbookers in its talented design team. Altenio values ​​the creativity and unique vision that members of this diverse design team bring to their products. The 19 members of the Altenio design team are from around the world – the United States, Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom, Chile, and Canada. Her design team has always been an integral part of the Altino mission to inspire creativity through beautiful handicrafts. In addition to daily blog posts and YouTube video tutorials, its designers also share inspiration through live online card-making events, virtual card-making workshops, and free online crafting classes.

Nicole added: “Altinio continues to create creative and inspiring ideas, supplies and designs, allowing artists to express their emotions in their own creative ways, in addition to treating them to escape and feel safe while creating. Provides space. ” Nicole added.

One of Altinio’s most significant achievements has been to support various charitable and non-profit organizations such as the American Zakat Foundation, the Central New York Food Bank, and the Dreaming Zebra Foundation, to name a few. From running annual cards for poor communities in Uganda and Nepal and sponsoring handicrafts to nursing homes to funding water wells and hand pumps, community service has always been a big part of the Altinio vision.

For Altinio, celebrating its eighth anniversary in the papermaking industry is another sweet and unforgettable milestone. The company hopes to continue expanding its product line, giving back to communities, and inspiring new and older generations of artists with beautiful, elegant, and one-of-a-kind designs.

Founded in April 2014, Altenio strives to bring beautiful, natural, and versatile designs to paper-making products. Altenio knows that a personal, delicate touch of a handmade card or scrapbook page can bring joy to the most important people in your life, and it is proud to create products that help encourage creative projects and unique handicrafts. .

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Journey through the memory line: 8 years of paper-making inspiration with Altinio

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