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This is the seventh part of a series showing each position in the NFL 2022 draft. Today’s part looks narrow.

NFL executives looking for tight conclusions in this year’s draft will not strike too soon.

“We will continue to address multiple positions now, on the draft, after the draft – whatever it takes,” said CEO Brandon Beane last month. “There’s anything on the table, in the corner, or anywhere else.”

Last year, Kyle Pitts became the top drafted player, finishing fourth overall in the Falcons. He had an excellent rookie season, but his trajectory would not set a new standard. Class 2022 will instead provide options until Day 3.

NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah thinks that even without a Pitts-caliber player, there are still good prospects.

“I think it’s a pretty good tight draft,” Jeremiah said in a conference call in February. “There’s no Kyle Pitts, but there’s a ton of depth.”

NFL Draft Preview: Bills can find help in the Inner Line on Day 3

This is the fifth in a series that shows a preview of each position in the NFL 2022 draft. Today’s episode looks at the internal offensive.

Lance Zierlein of reiterated the balance between the number and strength of the stars. Although he ranked 10 out of 11 in his ranking of the strongest to weakest groups, he feels that the depth of this class excels.

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“Teams will find depth until the third day, but this season it is a middle and lower middle class crop,” Zierlein said.

Overall position ranking: 4 of 10.

Bills’ view: Dawson Knox has had a great season. With a firm end, he set a franchise record in touchdowns, even though he missed two matches with a hand injury. Beane was honest that he wanted to add depth so he could compete with Knox, and he did.

Bills added to the narrow rooms in the free agency and brought OJ Howard. Howard, a pick in the first round of Alabama in 2017, spent five years at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He has missed some time due to injuries, but expects to benefit from a new start in Buffalo.

NFL Draft Preview: Offensive combat involves top talent, but then it disappears

Up to three offensive solutions can be selected from the top 10, including the overall number 1 – something that hasn’t happened since the Kansas City Chiefs in 2013 selected Eric Fisher of Central Michigan.

It’s all a big leap from where the Bills were at the close end a year ago, with Beane sincerely calling for improvement. If Knox can maintain this level of play and Howard can work well on the offensive, the Bills don’t need a hard ending.

Banknote needs assessment: 3 of 10.

The best: Trey McBride, Colorado.

McBride was the winner of last year’s John Mackey Award, which was given to the most amazing team on football. It plays a season with 90 catches, 1,121 yards and one touch as the focus of the Colorado State Offensive. He easily led the team in receiving yards and receiving, with both numbers more than doubling his second most productive teammates in each category.

His lone touchdown in 2021 is remarkable, but he had a total of nine touchdowns in three seasons before.

NFL Draft Preview: Bills can mostly ignore quarterbacks, but I'd like them to leave sooner

This is the third in a series showing each position in the NFL 2022 draft. Today’s part will look at the quarterback.

Names know: Isaiah Likely, Coast Carolina. Greg Dulcich, UCLA. Jalen Wydermyer, Texas A&M. Jeremy Ruckert, Ohio.

The probable 12 landings last season led the FBS to close results. His 59 catches at 912 yards in 13 starts helped Coastal Carolina on its way to the first bowling victory in the program’s history, and these numbers were good for the first team at the All-Sun Belt Conference.

The former Dulcich pedestrian likened it to Knox. At UCLA, he switched to a tight end from a wide receiver, and this is reflected in his ability to catch passes. It is expected to continue to improve, as blocking it could take more time to complete the task.

Wydermyer had a rough day of professionals, but his physical abilities and the radius of the catch help him. Last year as a junior, he had 515 yards, 40 catches and four touchdowns in 12 starts.

Ruckert had 26 catches, 309 yards and three landings in a loaded attack on the state of Ohio. Buckeyes receivers Garrett Wilson and Chris Olave are being designed as a selection in the first round of this draft, which means that Ruckert was underused.

NFL Draft Preview: It's a deep reverse design and Bills needs

This is the second in a series of previews of each position in the NFL 2022 draft. Today’s part looks to run back.

Probably also Wydermyer were reportedly brought to Bills for the 30 best visits.

Sleeper: Curtis Hodges, Arizona.

NFL Draft Preview: Bills will have 25th pick receiver options

This is the first in a series of previews of each position in the NFL 2022 draft. Today’s part looks at the wide receiver.

Hodges had limited playing time in the ASU, largely due to injuries to the teams. Nevertheless, he increased last season and the teams could see him in the training team. Hodges had 20 catches at 374 yards and two touchdowns in 12 games, with 10 starts in the senior campaign.

1. Trey McBride, Colorado State – height: 6-4. Weight: 246.

2. Isaiah Likely, Coastal Carolina – height: 6-4 1/2. Weight: 245

3. Greg Dulcich *, UCLA – Height: 6-4. Weight: 243

4. Jalen Wydermyer *, Texas A&M – height: 6-4. Weight: 255.

5. Jeremy Ruckert, Ohio – Height: 6-5. Weight: 250

6. Cade Otton, Washington – Height: 6.-5. Weight: 247.

7. Cole Turner, Nevada – Height: 6.-6. Weight: 246

8. Jelani Woods, Virginia – Height: 6.-7. Weight: 259.

9. Jake Ferguson, Wisconsin – Altitude: 6.-5. Weight: 250.

10. Chigoziem Okonkwo, Maryland – height: 6-2 1/2. Weight: 238.

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