NJ children to explore gender identity as part of a sex education program

Scheduled sex education classes for first-graders in New Jersey involve gender identity debates – an outrage from some parents and Republican politicians, including a possible presidential candidate and former governor Chris Christie.

The 30-minute lesson, titled “Pink, Blue and Purple,” aims to teach 6-year-olds to identify “gender stereotypes, gender identities and gender roles,” Fox News said Friday.

It also includes instructions for teachers to tell students that their gender identity depends on them, according to reports, according to materials distributed to parents at a Westfield Academic Council meeting on Feb. 22 and published online.

“You may feel like a boy, even if you have body parts where some people say you’re a‘ girl ’part,” the lesson plan says.

“You may feel like a girl, even if you have body parts where some people say you’re a ‘boy’. And you probably don’t feel like a boy or a girl, but you’re a little bit of both. how do you feel, you are completely normal! ”

The syllabus for second graders, Understanding Our Body, includes an illustrated discussion of the human genitals so that children under the age of 7 can use “exact medical names” for their personal organs.

“Tell the students,‘ There are some body parts that are mostly girls and some parts that are mostly just boys ’,” it says.

Scheduled sex education classes for first graders in New Jersey include discussions about gender identity.
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The note to the teachers also says, “Being a boy or a girl doesn’t mean you have these organs, but for most people their bodies are like that.”

The article, signed last month by Florida Gov. Ron Desantis, bans the discussion of gender identity in kindergartens until the third grade, which critics say is “don’t gay.”

They are part of a broader K-12 health education and sex education program adopted by the New Jersey Board of Education in 2020, which will take effect in September.

“Honestly, I’m amazed at this educational program,” Maria DeMayo-Esposito, a mother of two from Howell, told Asbury Park Press.

“I argue whether to send my child to a private school if I can. Is this curriculum really necessary? Children need to be children. Their innocence is beautiful and I don’t want their little minds to be filled with this adult theme. ”

Parents may refuse to allow their children to attend classes, but Paula McCarthy-Mammana of Jackson, who said the curriculum “makes me sick” – said the move would be insulting.

“My granddaughter will be in eighth grade, and if she gets out of class, her peers will look at her differently,” McCarthy-Mammana told the AP.

“He may be harassed or persecuted, and I don’t agree that the child should be targeted because of the family’s moral problems.”

In a speech at Fox News, Christie, who was nominated for the presidency in 2016 and is reportedly on another White House request, told Fox News: “I think this is just another sign of the successor liberal policies. I’m Phil Murphy, who’s on the move. “

“He’s on the left side of the progressive movement and that kind of work shouldn’t continue,” he said.

State Sen. Holly Shepis (R-Westwood) told Fox News that “as a mother and legislator, I may appreciate the need to get age-appropriate education for students, but this is unusual.

“We knew that when Governor Murphy used the cover of the pandemic to push these new standards through something that was incredibly wrong, and now we can clearly see why they should do it in secret,” he said.

Chris Christie spoke more about the subject in Fox News.
Chris Christie spoke more about the planned curriculum for first graders in New Jersey on Fox News.
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“This newspaper is still upside down to the sexuality of our dear children that parents struggle with.”

State Senator Michael Testa (R-Cape May) said the lessons were the latest in a series of insults to Garden State parents.

“We personally fought to get the children back to school. Then we had to take off our children’s masks. Now, should we watch as our primary school children, who are already lagging behind thanks to Murphy’s closure, learn about genitals and gender identity? ”Testa said.

“It’s abusive, simple and straightforward.”

Westfield School Principal Raymond Gonzalez told Fox News that the lesson plans are “an example list of resources that meet the educational standards of New Jersey students as school districts work on health and sanitation reform. [physical education] curriculum ”.

“We made it clear at the meeting and subsequent meetings that these are just resources – they are not appointed by the state – and the district is in the process of developing its own revised curriculum to meet state standards,” Gonzalez said.

Murphy’s office did not immediately return requests for comment.

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