‘No interest’ in racing Pro-Am class – Motorsport Week

Corvette factory driver Jordan Taylor told MotorsportWeek.com at Daytona that he is not interested in racing in a pro-am GT class, such as the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship’s new-for-2024 LMGT3 class.

“I’ve no interest in racing in a pro-am class. I feel like I’m a professional driver at this point. I want to race against professionals. I want to be on a professional team,” Taylor said when asked if he was interested in racing in LMGT3 in WEC or Le Mans next year.

“When you’re mixing in with amateurs and those sorts of things that takes away from the authenticity of the sport and the purity of motorsport.

“We race at a professional level at global events, like Le Mans and Daytona. You don’t see in other sports, them allowing those sorts of things to happen. So for me my interest is in professional racing and that would be a pro class.”

When asked if he would be interested in racing a prototype, in either GTP or WEC’s Hypercar, in lieu of a Pro GT class, Taylor seemed to consider the option.

“If there’s no pro GT class anywhere, then yeah, I would have to. I wouldn’t want to stay in GT racing. For the point of my career right now, I feel like I need to stay in pro racing.”

This also means Taylor won’t be back at Le Mans this year, as the GTE Pro class has now ended, with only GTE-Am left before LMGT3 begins next year.

“For sure, I’ve won Le Mans a bunch of times now, and this past year we had a great car, and we were in contention for the win up until we had our issues,” he said.

“That GTE Pro class was unbelievable, having so many great cars, drivers and teams, so I’m gonna miss it. I know a lot of fans are gonna miss that pro level GT racing, so hopefully in the future, we’ll see it come back.”

Taylor was also asked by MotorsportWeek.com about his brother Ricky’s potential IndyCar test with Andretti Autosport, and whether that would be something he would be interested in as well.

“It’s not something I’m looking for. I love sports car racing, Ricky loves sports car racing. But. when you see guys like Sebastien Bourdais, Simon Pagenaud, Castroneves, they bounce back back and forth between IndyCar and sports cars,” he said.

“So, it’s nice to kind of see that come back in the motorsport in general, like back in the 80s and 70s, guys could do both. So it’s cool to see that kind of coming back. But yeah, for me right now, I’m happy where I am.”

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