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She is battling cancer and likes to crochet toys for children who also live with cancer, but her heart broke when she was told she could not crochet in the library, so she contacted Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser.

It should be swearing, cancer.

Gladys Bower: “Yes, I have lung and pancreatic cancer. They are waiting to see if it spreads everywhere now. “

Gladys is battling fourth stage cancer. Even worse for her was the memory of her 6-year-old grandson visiting the hospital when he had cancer.

Gladys Bower: “When I saw all those kids with cancer, I cried. I cried. I didn’t have cancer at the time. My grandson has cancer. “

And that’s when she got the idea.

Gladys Bower: “I hope there’s a little girl, a little plane. Light blue plane. It’s not perfect, but they’re happy with it. “

Gladys started crocheting toys for children fighting cancer.

Gladys Bower: “I’m going to the children’s hospital next month, I’m giving it, those kids will make you happy.”

And she discovered that crocheting toys not only conjured a smile on her face, but also helped.

Gladys Bower: “It’s relaxing, so I don’t think about everything. I got cancer. I have it.”

Now the problem: Gladys crochets in a classroom offered at the South Dade Regional Library.

Gladys Bower: “Oh, my God. It’s like therapy for me. “

Then one day an employee came to see Gladys preparing for a crochet course.

Gladys Bower: “Oh, Mrs. Bower, you can’t go to class.” I said, ‘Why?’ She said, ‘No, the teacher doesn’t want you there.’ I said ‘why?’ She said, ‘I don’t know.’ “

Gladys says that when she was told she couldn’t come for an hour that gave her so much comfort, she was stunned.

Gladys Bower: “It broke my heart, it really broke my heart. I know I’m sorry. “

She is troubled by her being banned from a class at the public library and has no idea why.

Gladys Bower: “If I did something wrong? I asked them to forgive me. What? I do not? I do not know.”

Howard, can he ban you from entering a class at the public library?

Howard Finkelstein, 7News legal expert: “No, libraries are open to the public. Gladys was enrolled in the class and had the right to go to class. Legally, it’s that simple. “

We contacted the Miami-Dade Public Library. They sent a statement stating: “Their programs are open to all citizens. That in this case, the volunteer class instructor and the library staff believed that the class capacity was full, not realizing that Mrs. Bower had already been registered. “

The spokesman called it an unfortunate misunderstanding. The director then called Gladys and apologized.

Gladys Bower: “She said, ‘You can come back.'”

Gladys said she appreciated the principal contacting her, but may not return to class because she fears the instructor doesn’t want her back.

Gladys Bower: “Howard, if he comes to me, if he comes to me and talks to me, tell me, what is your problem? Maybe I’ll come back to her. I’m amazed at how perfect it is. “

Gladys will now focus on crocheting for children who are struggling with fourth-stage cancer with the best approach he can.

Gladys Bower: “But I try my best to smile. I do what I can. U know. What can we do? “

He fights cancer in the fourth stage and wants to make everyone happy. You’re amazing, Gladys, and she told us the difference between crochet and knitting.

Gladys says crochet is one needle, knitting is two needles. Check out the things you pick up at Help Me Howard.

Do you have a problem with puncture? Book with us and tell us. Let’s put together a solution.

With this Help Me Howard, I’m Patrick Fraser, 7News.


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