OJK holds Journalist Class to execute educational duty, function

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Financial Services Authority (OJK) executed its educational duty and function by holding the Journalist Class to improve the capacity and competence of mass media reporters, specifically with regard to the financial service sector.

The OJK supports the process to create quality journalists, as this is a foundational need of countries with a democratic system, OJK Chairman Mahendra Siregar noted during the Journalist Class Launch event here, Tuesday.

The fourth pillar of democracy is media and crisis handling that hinges on this pillar the most. Hence, journalists play an important role, he explained.

In cooperation with the Indonesian Editors-in-Chief (Pemred) Forum, the OJK expects that the Journalist Class can provide broader benefits to journalists and can bolster cooperation between the OJK and journalists in future, he said.

Moreover, the institution expects that through the Journalist Class, journalists can understand OJK’s duty in consumer regulation, monitoring, and protection, he remarked.

Journalists are also expected to understand development of the global economy and Indonesia, in general, while also serving as information ambassadors in financial service through the Journalist Class, he stated.

The OJK will also continue to improve the Journalist Class in accordance with the inputs and suggestions of journalists and speakers involved in the program, Siregar stated.

On the occasion, Chairman of Pemred Forum Arifin Asydhad welcomed and lauded OJK’s commitment to improving the quality of journalists.

This is because the program aligns with the forum’s commitment in realizing quality journalists by creating the Chairman III structure within the forum, specifically to guide quality journalists.

The forum mandates journalists to commit to and be guided by the Press Law and Journalism Code of Ethics to produce quality and accountable contents, he remarked.

According to Asydhad, it will be distressing if the news that the people consumed is false.

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