ORBAI File Patent on Artificial General Intelligence Methods

This patent covers methods that can be applied to the real world, reduced to AGI comprehensible numeric formats and used to plan, predict and dream, all communicating in human language.

– Brent Oyster, CEO ORBAI

Santa Clara, California, USA, April 10, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ – ORBAI, a Silicon Valley startup company filed a patent for Artificial General Intelligence on January 13, 2022, which could be the fruit of this decade – expanding super intelligence. (US Patent # 17/575602 “Problems and methods for enabling Artificial General Intelligence with flexible calculation, estimation, planning and arbitrary and structured data inputs and outputs”).

ORBAI is developing Artificial General Intelligence, which launches more sophisticated AI applications with dialogue, human-like knowledge, planning and interaction with the real world, learning to execute them without supervision. It is first used in smart devices, homes and robotics, and then used in online professional services with AGI to power them.

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What the world has for AI today is very simple and very narrow Deep Learning (DL), which can only do things much more specific than individuals, but it has basic limitations that do not allow it to become Artificial General Intelligence. When we see human-like robots and holograms in our imagination, talking and acting like real people and possessing human-level or superhuman intelligence and abilities, we usually think of it as AI. AGI is nowhere on earth yet.

ORBAI’s patented Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) design is much simpler and more powerful than today’s in – depth practice, capable of performing many tasks that human intelligence can do – encoding different sensory inputs and encoding them into usable form. Understand the relationships between them and how they evolve over time – building a model of its world, evaluating and planning it as a human being, using speech to explain the concepts it has learned, as well as maintaining interaction. A person.

These AGIs, like humans, can use these cognitive skills as a gatekeeper, to do many different jobs such as financial advisor / broker, legal AI and even to raise doctors. Later when upgraded to a supercomputer with larger memory and more processing power, such an AGI would exceed the human capacity in certain aspects of these professions and exceed the normal capabilities of all human beings in a decade.

Full AGI patent links and videos are here: ORBAI AGI Website

Licensing Development Tools and Developer Toolkit is a business model for our customers and the 3rd party developers who work with them to integrate our AGI vertically. AGI is delivered to the customer as a service as AI (AIaaS), which allows our developer network to connect to the services provided by AGI and the client platforms supported by it.

With this powerful predictive capability, AGI Core will revolutionize planning, finance, medicine, law, administration, agriculture, enterprise, industrial controls, traffic monitoring and control, network management, and almost any other field of human endeavor. Future trends need to be assessed to make decisions in the present.

ORBAI is a California-based startup that develops artificial intelligence to provide smart devices and intelligent online professional services (www.orbai.com). On September 30, ORBAI launched a $ 1M StartEngine RegCF investment round to fund the development of core AGI technology, a licensed platform for companies providing equipment and AI professional services.

ORBAI’s long – term vision is to scale AGI worldwide and provide services in the medical, financial, legal and other professional fields worldwide and for the first time in providing unparalleled prosperity, health, justice, security, education and human rights. History, bring true hope to all.

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