Palo Alto debuts Unit 42 team for on-demand cyber security

Credit: Dreamstime

Palo Alto Networks has announced the immediate availability of Unit 42 Managed Detection and Response (MDR), a service providing on-call cyber security specialists to track and respond to security threats in real time.

The idea is to back Palo Alto’s existing automated Cortex extended detection and response (XDR) platform with human expertise, dedicating members of the company’s threat response team and others to minimising unnecessary alerts and prioritising those from serious threats.

It’s a response, the company said in a statement, to an increasingly advanced and complicated threat environment — as well as an in-house security landscape that, in many cases, hasn’t matured to match.

It’s the lack of cutting-edge expertise that makes security a particular challenge for so many organisations, noted Palo Alto senior vice president Wendi Whitmore in the statement.

“As cyber attacks continue to rise, many organizations are being asked to handle advanced threats with limited resources and without the right expertise,” she said. “This will not lead to good results.”


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