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This artwork was created by senior placement officer Avery Boris, which is on display Thursday at Parkersburg South High School. (Photo by Larry Leonstein Jr.)

PARKERSBURG – Students who took classes at various levels and those in the advanced placement class had the opportunity to present their artwork at Parkersburg South High School on Thursday.

Avi Burj, art director at PSHS, said there are four art classes, I, II, III and IV, plus an Advanced Placement Class (AP), where students in this program submit a portfolio at the end of the year and receive college credit.

Burj said the plan had been going on for six years, when it was interrupted only by the COVID-19 epidemic.

One of the artists, senior Eddie Brown, said she got into art by “Just seeing people around me doing art, loving music and singing and I guess, physical art.”

Brown said about her choice of colors in her work, “My artwork, most of them, is related to identity, so the colors and characters I use are related to my idea of ​​how I see identity.”

A senior at Advanced Location, Eddie Brown, presented her artwork, “Identity Series,” on Thursday at the Parkersburg South High School Art Exhibition. (Photo by Larry Leonstein Jr.)

One of the paintings Brown showed was related to someone who had a hard time with who he was, and dealt with how he sees himself.

She also said that her work is about how they feel about their gender, how they look on the outside, struggling to see themselves as something either distorted or messy but they actually look normal to others.

She said she plans to go to Fairmont State University to study art, and wants to become an art teacher.

She is currently an AP student.

Senior Avery Boris said she has been interested in art all her life.

Logan Moirs, a senior student in advanced placement at Parkersburg South High School, stood next to some of his artwork on Thursday. (Photo by Larry Leonstein Jr.)

One of her works was on the gate of the “Wooden Whispers,” A publication published by the Wood County Board of Education. She said one of her works won second place in the AP class, and also won second place for almost all of her other works.

She plans to study at the University of West Virginia, but is undecided about a profession.

Another AP student, senior Logan Moirs, said about engaging in art, “Since I was in pre-kindergarten (pre-kindergarten), I painted a picture of a clown, and people praised me, and it goes through the family as well. It’s mostly natural.”

He said he plans to study at Paul Said University, Winter Park, Florida, and wants to be a video game developer.

And another AP student, the young Luna Spears, said she started painting as a child and has been doing it ever since.

Luna Spears, an advanced placement student at Parkersburg South, stood next to her artwork during the art show on Thursday. (Photo by Larry Leonstein Jr.)

she said, “My portfolio deals with how history repeats itself. I look at various vague ideas in today’s society and see how they reflect from 100 years ago.”

She said she has studied at several colleges and universities in Florida, and is constantly returning to Jacksonville University and the Florida Institute of Technology.

The show lasts until Saturday.

The winners of each award are:

Art 1 (10 Praise Films – Purple) – in no particular order:

* Carly Sheffer: “butterfly”

* Samantha McKinney: “Crossroads”

* Trevor Cox: “Helmet”

* Operation Camerin: Dragon Shoe “

Jetta Wright: “flowers”

* Chloe Butler: “Burning candle”

* Call the woman: “Grapefruit Wave”

Jetta Wright: “Mountains”

* Comfortable Acres: “Increased”

Art 2 (first to fourth place) and 6 purple scores:

* Makia Powell: “Slanted face,

* Kennedy Altop

* Akash Sura: “001”

* Eliza Bailey

* Cadence Jones: “Mushroom Field”

* Clayton Small: “The Last Search”

Riley Wagoner

* Ricky Richards

* Tyler Demon: “House in the mountains”

* Wade Dean: “Eclipse”

Art 4 (first to fourth place) and 2 purple scores:

* Anna Ware: “Forest Entity”

* Hannah and Nello: “Love Trouble”

* Chinta “Purpose” Suthamacharu: “butterfly”

* Frances Locker: “praise”

Eileen Strohman: “Sharks”

* Sarah America: “captivity”

Art 4 (first to fourth place) and 2 purple scores:

* Berry Taylor: “Great Arcana” series

* Hannah Row Starcher: “dementia” series

Riley Denver: “Pen and ink” series

* Telina Jones: “Pad Lilly” series

* Catalin Bauer: “Portrait of Women” series

* Alex White: “flower”

Art 4 (first to fourth place) and 2 purple Zion films

Judged on the entirety of the work:

* Logan Moirs: “How Nature Takes Over Modern Civilization” series

Tie per second:

* Avery Boris: “Things that arouse fear” series

* Luna Spears: “How history repeats itself” series

* Natalie Gillis: “Escape” series

* Eddie Brown: “identity” series

* Braila Goldenberg: “Second” series

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