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Paul Smiths – Paul Smiths College, the first such masters program in New York State, announced Monday that it has added a new Master of Professional Studies to its curriculum in the Sustainable Tourism Management Program.

The college says students can look forward to the information and equipment needed to meet the rapidly evolving opportunities and sustainability challenges in international and domestic travel and tourism.

“The travel and tourism industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world, and we need leaders in host communities who focus on sustainability that treats the social, cultural, economic and environmental impacts of tourism equally.” Program Faculty and Coordinator Dr. Kelly Serialo said. “Paul Smith College’s new MPS in Sustainable Tourism Management provides students with the knowledge base, experience and industry expertise to promote sustainable tourism and destination management at the local and global levels.”

Designed with the adult learner in mind, most of the course work will be delivered online, allowing students to engage from anywhere without sacrificing their ability to earn an income. As the college always emphasizes experience, it will strengthen learning in week-long in-person residences that immerse students in dynamic sustainable tourism locations.

Paul Smith College is not far from Lake Placid, a community unfamiliar with tourism-leading events, including hosting the Winter Olympic Games and the annual Ironman Triathlon twice. The program is designed to enhance the integrity and resilience of natural ecosystems, target cultures and communities, while providing an equitable and sustainable economic impact from tourism that benefits providers, partners, collaborators, and hosting community members.

Students can complete a 32-credit program in four semesters of continuous full-time study or take a course load of less than two years.

“Tourism is no longer just a luxury, it’s becoming more and more a lifestyle choice for citizens around the world.” The Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Eric Homeland said. “We recognize that tourism can serve as a mechanism for enhancing international knowledge, education, economic equality, and the conservation of endangered natural resources.

Paul Smith College is affiliated with the New York State Tourism Industry Association, which provides NYSTIA members with the opportunity to interact and promote development and development, to discuss hospitality and tourism trends, and to expand networking opportunities for students enrolled in the Master Program and College. Business and Hospitality Programs.

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