PBS bases in Ohio will receive $ 5 million to cover training losses this summer

Students at home can also participate in virtual after-school programs that feature the popular PBS Kids character. Parents can learn how to support their child’s learning through Parent Power webinars, and families can participate in community events offered by the local PBS station.

The PBS Public Media Connect station in Cincinnati and Dayton is pushing this effort.

For students in colorful communities and in poor neighborhoods, summer was a time when students could forget what they had learned in the previous academic year, especially compared to their white and wealthy peers.

This is because wealthy families can afford to buy camps and day care that provide educational services to children. While there are camps that serve poor families, they are fewer and typically need external funding.

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At the beginning of the pandemic, when many schools switched to virtual schools, poor students and minorities, as well as students who had difficulty in school, were left behind again.

According to a study by Ohio State University published in 2021 using spring 2021 test data, students across the state had fewer gaps than in previous years. However, the decline in tuition was more pronounced for the economically poor sub-groups and minorities, and among districts that spend most of the year in full-time distance learning.

Lacey Snook, an ODE spokeswoman, said the Department is using federal funding to launch more than 60 new initiatives to help students recover from the effects of the pandemic. The Ohio Learns 360 program is just one of them.

Snok said personal initiatives take precedence. She said ODE will allocate more than $ 88 million for summer and after-school education and $ 20 million for tutoring support.

“However, other types of learning experiences can be added to these efforts and are sometimes more accessible and flexible for students and their families,” he said.

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