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HYDERABAD: Young minds these days have been achieving great wonders, and challenging these brains has become a task. We feel happy to watch children at a young age pursuing something that one cannot imagine. Similar is the story of this 11-year-old Tamaraa Nambiar, who has penned a book about poetry titled Undiscovered. As she recently unveiled her book, we spoke to her about her passion and what had inspired her to write this book.

On asking her about how she gained interest in writing and how she has learned to be perfect with her skill, Tamaraa says, “I was around 5 years old, and at that time, I had a little tiff with my grandmother, and then at that time I took my grandfather’s notepad, and I wrote a poem about how I want my perfect day to be. Once I started writing, I realized how much I enjoyed writing, and that is how it all started.”

Elaborating about her new book that she launched and what prompted her to write it, she says, “My book is a collection of poems, they are very random topics, but most of them are based on events that I have exchanged, things that inspired me and things that happened around me. There are multiple sections, like an ocean of emotions, life stages, and the earth/universe elements. It is titled Undiscovered because the book is, in a way, about me and no one really knows about me, and that is why I have gone ahead with this book.”

Regarding her inspiration for writing this book, the young writer/poet adds, “My grandfather is an author, and he is someone who inspires me to write. His idea was to collect a bunch of poems, form it into a book, and publish it, and that is how this book was launched.”

Collection of poems is surely a task, and writing them is no cakewalk; the idea of ​​making these poems in a book, she says, “After I wrote, my grandfather showed it to another renowned poet, and she said that I should add poems, turn it into a book and publish it, and so I started writing. more of it which then turned to a book now.”

Speaking about some of her best poems among the 38 poems that are mentioned in the book, she says, “I have three favorites; one is called ‘Into The Blinding Lights’, ‘Into Darkness’, and ‘A Fairytale’. These are some of the poems that are close to my heart.”

This young writer also speaks about her favorite genre and says, “I like mystery, thriller, and fantasies which I will work on soon. I also like and enjoy reading horror stories.”

Moving on forward with her writing career and pursuing more such goals, she says, “My father and I are currently writing a book of short stories, and very soon, I plan to write a novel. I haven’t exactly started writing it, but it would be a murder mystery.”

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