Penn State School Power Colors Rating

Editor’s Note: This story is part of Onward State’s April Day series. It is satirical, intended for entertainment, and should not be taken literally. All quotes were invented for the purpose of this post.

Penn State is a university of tradition – traditions that many have strong Opinions on.

The colors of the university school can be instantly recognized as symbols of the institution. When walking around campus, it is not uncommon to see almost all passersby wearing these colors. And even though we love everyone, there he A clear hierarchy between them.

Proud of the abundance of Dear Old State, we researched carefully to finally rate the colors of Penn State School.

1. Blue

Blue was the easy choice for our first place. Some would describe blue as “basic,” but we believe it’s the soul of Penn State’s color palette.

The particular hue of blue, dark, is deep. It’s rich. It claims power. Penn State Blue does not apologize. Make no mistake about it in black, but it also lacks the brightness usually associated with the other shades of blue sold.

Think about it.

Blue is the mainstay of the visual and emotional world.

Blue is in everything. Blue is meaning.

Blue is the ocean. Blue is the sky. Blue is the flame on a scented candle flickering in the dark of night.

vocal. seam. Generation. The avatar … is all blue.

Blueberries. Blueberries. Blue cancer. Blue whales.

Bluebonnets. Blue topaz. Blue blood.

program. Blue Grass.

blue jeans.

Blue cheese.

Blue Man Group. Blue’s hints. The blue oyster cult. Blue Jays Commercial Toronto.

Blue is peace. Blue is love. Blue is purity.

Blue eyes on the face of a newborn baby.

The blues.

The blue screen of death.

Hell, even Onward State’s hyperlinks are blue.

Blue is tears. Blue is the absence. Blue is a necessity.

The blue can not be mistaken in the pursuit of catharsis. Blue acts in parallel with the celestial expansion of the vast and infinite cosmos.

Blue is confidence. Blue is order. Blue is calm. Blue is true.

Sparkling blue. Blue vortices. Inflatable blue.

Blue shakes your hand and means it.

Blue is the Best Of Penn State School Colors.

2. White

it is boring. ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯

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