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Getting creative through the kitchen designs and the desire to live the vegan are the driving forces behind the Pentecostal couple’s entrepreneurial team.

Originally from El Salvador, Jesse McNee has been living in Canada for the past 37 years, first arriving when she was 13 years old. She then went to Pentecost on her own with her children.

“A very good friend of mine went to Pentecost a year before high school, and she told me how beautiful the city and the lakes are. We love the beach and summer time and camping. We love the farmers market, but the beach It has a special place in our hearts, ”explains Isenia.

And on a special day at the beach with her kids in 2006 she had something special in the store.

Darren McVeigh remembers that moment.

“I was there with my son, and she had her four children on the beach, according to Peach. My son started playing with his children and building sand castles, and little did I know that my mother She was the next woman, “says Darren.

While working at Wheatgrass Cafe in Whole Foods Market, Darren saw an opportunity to add healthy, creative, vegan options to the Pentecostal community.

“While working at Wheatgrass Cafe, a guy would come and always be upset that we didn’t offer vegetable options. Everyone avoided him, but we became friends. The name of the angry vegan was his. Is for, ”Darren said with a laugh.

Originally opened at Barfot Beach Resort in 2017, English Vegan initially offered a range of healthy and nutritious juices to help with illness and general health.

It has finally developed a food space in the city, gaining fans from all walks of life? – Not just Vegan.

“When we first opened, they were doing construction work nearby and one worker hadn’t brought lunch. The only place he found was an angry vegan. He was worried about trying vegan food, but he was hungry so Give it to us. Go for one, “says Jesse.

“He had a burger, rice and a suit, and he left full and satisfied and really happy! He told us he didn’t think it would happen. He came back several times with some of his co-workers!”

Yassinia recently left her long and successful job as a nurse manager to work full time with Darren at the restaurant.

“I think Vegan is the way to go,” says Yassinia. “I just changed how I help people in their health in a new way. I’m anchoring the kitchen now! I’m cooking.”

Although a vegetarian lifestyle may seem difficult to some, McVeigh believes in its importance to the planet, to the health of individuals and to the reduction of animal pain. In fact, they share that they reported their customers quitting medications for conditions such as high cholesterol, inflammation and pain after switching to a vegan lifestyle.

And if you’re curious, you don’t need to skip the cold turkey.

“You can start without meat one day a week. You don’t have to go vegan one day,” says Yassinia.

“Try the Angry Vegan and see if you like the food. You can eat a nice meal without the meat. We just made Darren’s mother Erin’s scalloped potatoes, but without the dairy. They’re delicious and you won’t know the difference.” Many non-vegetarians still enjoy our food. “

For those who want to try other vegan foods in their diets, Angry Vegan also has meal plans that keep things fresh and interesting.

While they enjoy helping people on their health trips, McVeigh also enjoys the freedom to own and create.

“We can create anything we like. We’re working on changing some of my El Salvadorian recipes vegan. The sky is the limit. Although we work long hours, and it can feel grateful when we Getting people to the door. Thank you and the fact that we’re doing something different is a real joy. It keeps us going, “Darren says.

English Wagon will also be involved in some new and fun opportunities in the community.

“We’re going to have something unexpected and fun to eat at this year’s Ally Festival,” says Darren.

And for those who are partying a bit too hard they offer morning energizing juices for the next day.

The atmosphere in the English wagon is always a positive one with their two chihuahua-dachsunds, Tippy and Minny, and their musical taste reflects the fun.

“We play a lot of Latin music. People love to beat. We get a lot of praise and customers dance to it while we prepare their food. We have a nice southern atmosphere here,” says Yassinia. Their best song is We Are Family by Sister Sledge.

English Wagon is now located at 536 Main Street, a new location they opened in 2021 with a large kitchen and some cooking capacity. They are open daily from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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