Peterstonahu shatters the 1500 record in school

Eugene, Ore. Junior Junior Grace Petersonhaug Set a school record in the 1500-meter dash on Friday night to lead the outstanding opening day of the Oregon women’s track team at the Hayward Premier Meeting at Hayward Field.

The junior from New Westminster, BC, took third place in 4: 17.25 to shatter the old record of 4: 17.77, set by All-American Laura Carlisle At Stanford on April 29, 2012. Carlisle’s was the second-largest personal running mark on the OSU record list.

Paterstonehaug now holds two school standards. She set the 5,000-meter record of 15: 58.93 at the 2021 Pacific-10 Conference at UCLA. Her previous best in 1500 was 4: 20.01, set last year in Portland.

However, it was not the only notable OSU in the 1500s. Junior Junior Kylie Mitchell Took fourth place, Zippam behind Fetherstonhaugh, at 4: 17.26 and also broke Carlisle’s previous record to set the No. 2 time in school history. Mitchell’s former PR was 4: 20.17, also set for 2021 in Portland.

senior Marie Friedman In fifth place at 14: 18.20, she shaved off almost seven seconds from her old PR (4: 25.16), set last year at the OSU High Performance Meet. Friedman’s time is now in fourth place overall at OSU.

Fresh student Isabel Asler Took the third in the bayonet at 151-8, the sixth best score in school history. It’s much better at 12 feet than its old 139-6 PR, held at the OSU Pacific Northwest Invitational on March 19th.

The other top 10 scores of all time were determined by Student B. Amber Jackson At the end of the obstacles for 3000 meters and in a red shirt Jade Whitfield With a hammer. The Jackson 10: 49.53 clock came in seventh and was the ninth time in OSU history; Whitfield came in 14th placeGod’ And her score of 154-3 was No. 10 overall.

Red B shirt Caitlin Marx Reached 13th place with a hammer at 154-10, tied her PR and tied for ninth at all times.

The Hayward Premier meeting ends Saturday; Field events start at 11:00, event track at 13:30 noon

Four Beavers are scheduled to compete in the Northwest Jamboree at Lane Community College on Saturday, starting the 800 meters at 5:45 p.m.

Last timeout

The Beavers recorded three all-time top 10 scores and took the team title at the Wilamette Invitational on March 26th. OSU went into 11 events and took first place in 10 of them.

junior Taylor Widinger And second grade Leaving Skatna There were double winners. Weidinger claimed the 200 (25.98) and 400 (58.90); Scatna won by 100 hurdles (14.64) and 400 hurdles (1: 02.50).

Fresh student Charges by brand Won the hammer with a score of 174-10, OSU No. 6 all-time score and a 13-foot improvement from its previous best of 161-4, set at the Pacific Northwest Invitational in Corvalis on March 19th.

Fresh student Lara Denbo Win the high jump by clearing 5-8, the number 9 all-time high. And second cycle These are not Took second in the bayonet at 149-1, point 7. Her previous best was 142-2, also set for March 19 at OSU.

Senior redhead Kylie McLaughlin First lesson in discus (144-9); second grade’ Delaney Train Won the long jump (18-6.50); second grade’ Father Buckley Claim the 100 (12.40) and the red shirt B Page spread First lesson in 800 (2: 18.81).

the next
The Beavers travel to Monmouth on April 8-9 for the Twilight meeting of John Knight on the MacArthur track at Western Oregon University.

Hayward Premier
Eugene, Ore | Hayward Field
Friday results

Field events

Grips: 3. Isabel Asler, 151-8. 5. These are not, 145-0. 8. Jordan Slater, 138-9. 12. Jazlin Romero, 135-5. 22. Savannah Riley103-4.

hammer: 7. Kylie McLaughlin, 173-7. 10. Charges by brand, 171-6. 13. Caitlin Marx, 154-10. 14. Jade Whitfield154-3.

Long Jump: 7. Chelsea Howard18-1.75.

Keep track of events

Order for 1500 meters: 3. Grace Petersonhaug, 4: 17.25 (school record). 4. Kylie Mitchell, 4: 17.26. 5. Marie Friedman4: 18.20.

1500 meters open: 8. Kate Intil, 4: 38.75. 10. Emily Perez4: 41.96. 13. Aline Gola, 4: 44.78. 16. Delia Dalion4: 48.29.

Order for 5000 meters: 9. Christina Geissler, 16: 42.55. 10. Alyssa Pot, 16.45.60. 12. Audrey Lockner16: 56.58.

5000 open meters: 9. Gabi Peterson17: 25.54.

3000 meter hurdles: 7. Amber Jackson, 10: 49.53. 9. Dear Downing11: 01.89.

Beavers competing on Saturday

Field events

Discus (11 a.m.): Jordan Spardlin, Charges by brand, Jade Whitfield, Kylie McLaughlin.

Throwing shots (13:15): Kylie McLaughlin, Taylor Crocus, Jordan Spardlin.

High jump (14:00): Savannah Riley, Emma Nelson, Lara Denbo.
Triple jump (14:00): Jaden Steel

Running events

100 meters hurdles (13:30): Jade Newton, Leaving Skatna.

400 meters (1:50 pm): Chelsea Emerson.

100 meters (14:10): Father Buckley, Jade Harley.

800 meters (14:50): Page spread.

400 meters hurdles (15:10): Leaving Skatna.

200 meters (15:30): Father Buckley, Taylor Widinger.

Couriers 1600 meters (16:00): TBD.

Jamboree to the northwest
Eugene, Ore | CC path

Beavers competing on Saturday
Keep track of events

800 meters (17:45): Sydney van der Zee.

1500 meters (17:55): Libby Rink, Zoe Simmons, Emily Pot.

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