Pierre students participate in Augustana Band Festival

Pierre students participate in Augustana Band Festival

On Nov. 12, 2022, 20 students represented Pierre Public School at the 65th Annual Augustana Band Festival Grand Finale Concert. The students were in the three festival bands; Blue, Gold and Viking under the direction of Dr. Justin Hubbard, Dr. Reed Chamberlain and Dr. Don Linn, respectively. Students arrived at Augustana University on Nov. 11 for two days of rehearsal with 250 student from 5 different states. The Finale concert took place at the Washington Pavilion.

Selection for the Augustana Band Festival is based off of student self-nomination and teacher recommendation.

Pictured from front of the line to the back: Gracelyn Bowman (gr 11, horn), Dorothy Clines (gr 10, trombone), Ollie Smith (gr 12, percussion), Brooke Allison (gr 12, flute), Kendra Rounds (gr 12, flute), McCahl Schmitz (gr 12, clarinet), Maddy Sayer (gr 12, percussion), Bryce Bowman (gr 10, trumpet), Kirsten Korber (gr 10, alto saxophone), Gavin Townley (gr 10, tuba). , Lille Kellar (gr 10, alto saxophone), Megan Rose (gr 10, bass clarinet), Emma Reitzel (gr 12, percussion), Jocelyn Goodlander (gr 11, trumpet), Grace Schumacher (gr 11, clarinet), Elaine Anderson. (gr 12, tenor saxophone), Evan Schwarz (gr 11, alto saxophone), Nathan Kist (gr 10, baritone saxophone), Braedon Cunningham (gr 11, trumpet) and Owen Seibel (gr 12, trombone).

Courtesy photo.

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