Podcast Episode 233: Struise Browsers’ Urban County Sharing Some “Farmer Intelligence”

Today, the brewery operates with a unique brewhouse as their beers — with two mash tons, internal vessels and screens that lift and drain the mash to feed three different kettles. The team makes four turns a day in the system, filling a quarter of a fermentation process when fermentation begins. Over the next few days, the next brewer fills the tank as the carefully controlled fermentation process progresses. By adjusting the brew’s mash temperatures each day, they will be able to approximate the step-mash regime without tight temperature control and automation in the brewhouse.

In this episode, co-founder Urbine Coutio discusses creativity and technology, including:

  • Building a bridge for Belgian beer enthusiasts with Pannepot‌
  • Controlling the use of regular sugars to prevent astringency
  • Reconstructing the pannepot recipe without spices but with wild Saccharomyces Race
  • Conceptual framework for their unique brewhouse setup
  • Brewhouse design to achieve specific taste goals
  • Controls the fermentation process to fill a multi-day tank without pressure on the yeast
  • Relying more on ingenuity than investment
  • The brewery’s best – class water treatment system virtually eliminates water waste
  • Wise use of automation to create water profiles, reducing staff time
  • Using the familiar ale yeast brew to ferment large Belgian beers

And much more.

Launched with a shoestring budget, the Stroys team has always relied on intelligent problem-solving — something that Koutou refers to as “farmer intelligence”. That spirit is alive in the brewery today, scaled to solve big challenges in big ways.

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