Pokemon Fan Creates Incredible Vintage Science Poster for Generation 1 Water-Types

An artistically inclined gamer shows off the incredible vintage science poster they created featuring several iconic Generation 1 Water-Type Pokemon.

One talented gamer decided to pay homage to the Pokemon series with a bit of retro flair, designing a vintage science poster showing realistic versions of several Generation 1 Water-type Pokemon. This throwback poster is sure to appeal to old-school gamers and fans of the original. Pokemon TV show, where many fans were first introduced to the Gen 1 Pokemon.

While Nintendo and Game Freak have introduced countless new creatures, and even new Pokemon types, to the franchise since it debuted in 1996 with Pocket Monsters: Red and Greenthe iconic Gen 1 Pokemon still hold a special place in the hearts of many fans. Some of these originals Pokemon, like the adorable, shell-sporting Squirtle, have become so iconic that they are instantly recognizable even to those who have never played the games or watched the multiple shows and films spawned by the franchise. Given their vintage status in the series, it seems perfectly fitting for the Gen 1. Pokemon to be immortalized with an equally vintage poster.


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In a post shared on the r/Pokemon subreddit, user karkajou showed off the vintage science poster they created featuring 15 of the Generation 1 Water-type. Pokemon. The same user delighted Pokemon fans earlier this month when they shared another vintage Pokemon poster they created, this time featuring Generation 1 Bug-type Pokemon. Resembling real-world creatures more than their colorful and cartoonish counterparts from the games and TV show, the Water-type. Pokemon displayed on the vintage poster wouldn’t look at all out of place in a biology textbook.

Pokemon Fans responding to the unique artistic creation were blown away by the impressive poster, with several commenters complimenting karkajou on their aquatic artwork. Already awaiting karkajou’s next piece, one user remarked that they were excited to see a version featuring Bird-type. Pokemon. Other users were impressed by the stylized Gyarados filling up the bottom of the poster, noting its resemblance to a real-world oarfish. After several users inquired about purchasing their own copy of the vintage creation, karkajou helpfully provided a shop link for Pokemon fans who wanted one for their wall.

By blending the fantastical world of Pokemon with the timeless look of vintage science posters, karkajou has managed to create a truly unique and impressive tribute to the franchise. And with its eye-catching design and retro aesthetic, this inspired poster is sure to delight both the old-school fans who grew up with the franchise and the newcomers taking their first steps into the vibrant world of. Pokemon.

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