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Wilmington, Massachusetts – Wilmington police and schools are investigating this week a “serious and disturbing physical altercation” within boys’ toilets that left the school superintendent “shocked” not only because of the incident but because some students recorded a video and posted it online.

In a letter to the school community from March 30, Superintendent Glenn Brand said the incident occurred on Tuesday and investigators are working to identify the students involved.

A video sent to Boston 25 indicates that a student was picked up inside the bathroom and his head was forcibly inserted into the bathroom inside a bathroom stand.

“I am really shocked by the actions of these students that are unacceptable and do not represent the core values ​​of this educational community,” Soft said. Brand. “My expectation is that each and every one of our students will have the right to attend a safe and supportive school. Although I recognize that the huge number of our students consistently make appropriate choices to support such an environment, we will have zero tolerance for those who do not.”

“The Wilmington Public School gives priority, above all, to the safety, well-being and dignity of all our students and staff,” Soft said. Brand.

“Therefore, with immense disappointment I am writing to inform you of a serious and disturbing physical collision that took place in one of the boys’ bathrooms (Tuesday),” Brand said. “Not only is the incident itself relevant, but also some of our students have documented the quarrel and posted it online.”

“All students found guilty will be held fully responsible and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken as well as the removal of the appropriate permissions granted to those students,” Sept. said. Brand. “I promise you we will take relevant legal action if it is considered justified following the investigation.”

The inspector also hinted at other recent troubles at the school.

“This incident comes in the wake of a number of other recent concerns related to student bullying. Everyone has a commitment to help nurture the kind of school environments that come to our students, including our staff, families and most importantly, our own students,” Brand said.

Boston 25 contacted Wilmington Police Department for more information about her investigation.

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