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My story as a student at Western Technical College begins in a non-traditional way. It was 2020, and since the outbreak of Kovid-19, like millions of workers, I too have been affected by the pandemic.

Jesus Gonzalez

I received a letter in the mail informing me that I would be part of a major layoff at the company I was working for at the time. I waited for weeks thinking they needed some help at the plant, and I called them to see if they would ever bring people back in the future. The reply was that preference would be given to those with higher seniority. I was hired a few months ago for Pandemic, so I was not one of those people.

After receiving this news, my wife told me that I should go back to school to get my degree. I’m not sure if that’s a good idea. I was 34 years old then. After thinking for a while and talking to his wife for a while, he decided to go back to school. She told me that my best option before moving to another college was Western Technical College.

I started in the spring of 2021. Like many others, I started my classes online. Initially it was difficult and challenging, but Western has an amazing support system. I remember getting a special email for students who want to run in the next Student Government Election. I thought it was a great way to make friends and see more people in college.

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However, I wondered if my peers, most of them young, would vote for me. I decided to apply for different positions and see what the reaction would be from the students as I was new to the school.

The election came a few days later, and I got a call from Ji Wang, the Student Government Adviser. He told me that I had secured the position of Student Parliamentarian and wanted to know if I was interested. I said yes. The position of the Student Parliamentarian focuses on updating the Constitution and Bylaws of the Western Technical College. In addition, they should be informed of any legislative issues at the state level affecting our student community.

When I returned to school, I did not expect to be part of the student leadership. However, life offers you opportunities, and Western is a place where students can be heard and welcomed, regardless of their background.

Recently, a team of student governments traveled to Madison to meet with other student leaders from 16 technical colleges in Wisconsin. Our lawmakers have requested funding for Open Educational Resources (OER), an initiative to create free educational resources online. This allows students to save money on books while in college.

At the beginning of this journey, I did not expect to be where I am now. I would like to thank the Student Government Team: G, Sally, Becky, Abdul, Halina, Jean, Perla. Together we are making a difference in the campus community.

I am proud to be a part of Western Technical College. This is a place where I met awesome people and made good friends.

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