Public Hearing Set for Alcohol College Liquor License | News

Meadowville City Council is holding a public hearing later this month for comments on the transfer of liquor licenses to the city to benefit Allegheny College.

The college is proposing to transfer the liquor license from Westmead Township to Meadowville, but first requires permission from the city.

Pennsylvania’s liquor law requires the new host municipality to hold a public hearing whenever a license is transferred from one municipality to another.

Allegheny’s public hearing is scheduled for April 21 at 5:30 pm at the Meadowville City Building in 894 Diamond Park.

The college has entered into an agreement to purchase a state-issued liquor license held by Yukon Ron’s Bar & Grill Inc. The current licensed location is 356 Baldwin St., West Mead Township, the now-closed Bootleggers Lounge. The license is listed as “Safe Keeping”, which means it is still valid but has been revoked by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.

According to a letter sent to the city by the college’s attorney, Mark Kozar, on March 25, Allegheny College plans to open and operate a restaurant on its Henderson campus center in a part of the food court.

According to the letter, Allegheny has “conducted a number of events in recent years that serve alcohol through a catering permit issued by a food provider.”

The letter states that Allegheny now needs its own public restaurant liquor license to serve alcohol in accordance with its business plan.

Andy Walker, executive director of financial, civic and community engagement at Allegheny, said the proposed space at McKinley’s Food Court on campus would be at ground level.

Walker said it will be open to the public and will serve as an alternative to off-campus parties for students of legal drinking age.

Walker said the goal is to attract more crowds from the community to campus events and create a school spirit.

“We know this is a concern,” Walker said when asked if the site would be a competitor to restaurants and pubs in downtown Meadowville. “There are no immediate plans for a full-time pub.”

“It will be in a designated area with a restricted atmosphere,” Walker said of the liquor store. Walker said he was not interested in a site that sells six packs of beer or liquor.

Once the transfer is approved and the license is obtained, sales are planned to begin in the 2022 semester, Walker said.

Sales may also include some other events, such as Allegheny’s football games, Walker said. Sales at periodic events will be through the extension of the environmental permit from PLCB, he said.

“We had three or four pop-up pubs last fall through our food provider,” Walker said. “With our own license, we do not have to rely on a third party.”

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