Public schools in Campbell County will receive electric school buses that will save thousands in fuel

Campbell County, Washington (WFXR) – Campbell County schools are looking to the future when it comes to student transportation.

Campbell County Public Schools will be the first in the Lynchburg area to receive electric-powered school buses.

They are manufactured by Thomas Built Buses that push districts across the country to switch to electric motors.

(Photo courtesy of Amanda Lee / WFXR News).

Campbell County Public Schools Operations Manager Dr. Tim Hoden told WFXR News, ‚ÄúThis is the way of the future, you will notice many manufacturers producing cars this is the next step. I hope it will save us money and [be] Better for the environment at the same time. “

The county applied for a grant last year, through American Electric Power to fund the buses, which allowed them to purchase two of these electric buses for the same price as a regular diesel bus.

(Photo courtesy of Amanda Lee / WFXR News).

With rising fuel prices, shipping could not have arrived at a more convenient time.

“We hope that over the next week we really put them into service. The first two will serve the Brookville community, mostly because that’s where American Electric Power and our charging station are,” Dr. Hoden said.

Regular diesel bus refueling costs the school district more than $ 7,000 a year. The cost of operating the charging stations for electricity is only about $ 3,000 a year.

The bus agency, Sony Maryman, has distributed more than 50 electric buses to school districts across the country.

“Yes there is a charge for electric charging but it will be much much less, say 75 percent of what it costs for diesel fuel,” said Sony President and CEO Sony Maryman, Kylie Adgarli,

(Photo courtesy of Amanda Lee / WFXR News).

Edgarley added, “Orders are starting to arrive faster and faster and will be further accelerated by the infrastructure bill that President Biden has passed in the last six months that provides up to $ 5 billion in electricity for school buses.”

He said that over the past year, five percent of the nationwide navy has been electrified.

The charging of electric buses takes about three and a half hours. These new buses, similar to diesel-powered buses, can be used for 15 years.

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