Pulpit Rock Brewing in Decora, Iowa has a deep connection to Luther College

School pride pervades many college graduates, and those from Luther College in Decora are no exception. In fact, this love for Norse helped fuel the idea of ​​the Pulpit Rock Brewing Company, which opened its doors a mile from campus in 2015 for the first time.

Scott Nodding has been the brewery’s general manager for about six years. He described the loyalty that brought investors together to make this dream a reality.

“Our brewery is owned by a small group of investors, most of whom are from one family, all affiliated with Luther College, Decora,” Nadding said. “Our founders loved the Decora community so much that they asked themselves what business could inspire that meaning and give it a chance to give back.”

Although most investors do not currently live in the area, Nading said, “their relationship with Luther and the Decora community is deep, and they are often found here.”

Pulpit Rock proudly makes and serves a wide variety of beers, an ever-rotating menu that has featured over 100 beers since the brewery opened.

“We make a variety of styles, from traditional beer to weird contemporary options,” Nadding said. “Our pastry source and stout are well known. A pastry style is infused with countless fruits, nuts, baked goods, cookies, candies and other sweets.

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