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Raul Placeres and the Maryville College men’s basketball team had the best recruitment tool a coach could have last season: victory.

The Scots have reached a number of program highs, including their highest season rating in the D3Hoops.com Top 25 Poll poll and the best 18-1 program start. After a campaign to win a share in the regular season of the US Southwest Division, MC signed nine players into its recruitment class in 2022.

“Obviously, when you have been as successful as we have been this year and have been evaluated nationwide for much of the year, it has brought a lot of positive attention to the program,” Placeres told The Daily Times. “Going to the tournaments we went to, recruits know where we’re going this year, plays a key role in getting the type of guys we’ve been able to do in this recruiting class.”

The Scots will return their leading scorer in defense, Myles Rasnick, as well as the excellent 3-point scorer Chase Ridenour, who fought injuries at the end of the season. Jekobe Coleman, Kordell Kah and Kaleb Powell are also back.

Losses include guard JR Sanders and Nicholas Clifton until graduation, while MC lost some size in the paint on the transfer portal in 6-foot-6, 210-pound striker Felix Uadiale.

“(We accepted) a little more size and girth in the post position,” Placeres said. “We basically signed four players per post who are 6 feet 6 and taller.” Chase Morgan measures about 6 feet and 230 pounds. This is a really nice freshman. William Norwood is a 6-meter 9-billion-dollar boy from the state championship team at Tri-Cities, Georgia, then we added two guys at Grady Powers and RJ Simmons are 16-6 meters. , 6-foot-7 and can play in multiple positions. All in all, the group from our bodyguards to our post are all guys who know how to create and just aren’t shooters. They bring a little more to the table in terms of their overall game.

“One of the things we were really looking for was a lot of players who came first, so our offensive can be a bit smoother.”

Five MC members come from the Knoxville area, with teammates Jaylon Green and Devion Mixon playing at Webb School, and Jose Rodriquez and Chase Morgan from Concord Christian School.

Guard Jackson Garner, who averaged 22 points and scored 50% of the field and 43% of the 3-point range, was a 4-3A player of the state, the region and the district at Clinton High School.

Outside Green and Mixon helped Webb in Campaign 23-6 in 2021-22. Green averaged 12 points and four assists per game and was the entire division of the II-AA East Region division, while Mixon had an average of eight points and three rebounds as a senior last season.

In Concord Christian, Rodriquez averaged 15 points, seven rebounds, seven assists and two blocks, and as his team advanced to the state quarterfinals, he became the district’s MVP and became a national tournament team. In color, his teammate Morgan averaged 16 points, nine rebounds and two blocks.

For the Placeres, the emphasis was on getting talented players from their own garden, but national speeches in recent seasons have also helped MC recruit across the South when striker Grady Powers signed a contract with Nolensville School in Middle Tennessee, fellow strikers. RJ Simmons and William Norwood join the Georgia program and guard Logan Patterson of Alabama.

“I think it happened, for lack of a better word, cool,” Placeres said. “Come to us because one, we win.” We win championships in the regular season, we win championships at conferences, we play in national tournaments, which give our program a great exposure. I think it attracted a lot of newcomers to come play for us. I just think it happened really cool, because (as a recruit) you will get everything you are looking for from university.

“We win at a high level, we have a large turnout in terms of our attendance, great crowds. If you balance it with a great education like you and a man, why wouldn’t you want to come to Maryville College? ”

As the Scots prepare to enter the newly formed Collegiate Conference of the South, there were certain attributes that Placeres and his coaching team were looking for in this group of newcomers, which includes a couple of state championships, state tournament participation and two quarterfinals at state level. at their respective schools to help MC repeat its success in the southern United States.

“I think there’s a great mix of athletics and shotguns,” Placeres said. “Boys who play with confidence when it comes to ball control and decision making. When you’re recruiting, you usually hope to sign people to help you win. As for this class, we’ve signed the type of guys who won’t let us lose. I think that combined with what comes back to us, we have a great mix of those who have returned who have experienced many successes, victories and performances at a high level. When I add this talented group, I’m really, really excited. “

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