Rebuilding that lack of thinking, Aya Dosunmu believes, training lessons and other bulletproof arrows.

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We’re two days away from the Chicago Bulls ’first playoff game in five years and I can’t stop seeing the Red. I really need to check this out.

• Maybe my excitement about the upcoming first series will be suppressed by a comedically large anvil on Sunday night. I accept that. But as the 1-inch game gets closer and closer, I find more interest in watching the Bulls playoffs. No, I don’t expect them to cause franchise discomfort in the first round, but I hope this group will play closer to their self-confidence in the middle of the season than they did last season. Although the momentum may not be by them, I think the story could be. No one expected the Bulls to collect a competitive series, but no one expected that they would also become a №1 seed in the East in the middle of the year.

• It seemed to be a unit that was considered poor. I could be stupid to put weight on this philosophy, but I think these things matter in sports. They have a full week to shake and marinate their year-end bells because almost no one believes them. Does that mean they come out and surprise the world? Probably not. Is that enough to make them play their backs and at least give the fans a first-round effort? I think so, and Aya Dosunmu agrees.

• Honestly, I believe what Dosunmu said. Guys like him, Kobe White, Patrick Williams and even Zach LaVine have never experienced playoff basketball. They have nothing to base their expectations on, so why do they have them at all? As for guys like Demar DeRozan and Nikola Vuевичevi,, these are two all-star players who realize that when records go back to 0-0, anything can happen. At the end of the day, I don’t expect the Bulls to say anything regardless of what Dosunmu said, but I actually think they’re confident they’re capable of getting out of this. This belief in the team, many were skeptical at first, is what brought them here in the first place.

• So, I might as well stick to intangibles because of how bad all material things were to the end. The Bulls easily reach the playoffs with the worst net rating of any team in the last 15 games of the regular season. The next team to play in the playoffs – believe it or not – is the Milwaukee Bucks with a score of -0.2, who are 19th in the NBA. However, the Bucks were able to go at least 9-6 with a 9-6 lead, while the Bulls were more 5-10.

• If the Bulls play in the same way they can play in Game 2 of this season’s series, I will be very satisfied no matter how many games go by. I watched this show again last night and it was just a wonderful show of speed, sport and double effort. The Bulls kept things tight almost all the way through the effort with 50.0% shooting from the field. The ball was moving as the three stars of the team came together for a powerful 78-point game. Even better, it was a backlash from a squad of players like Ayo Dosunmu, Kobe White and Derrick Jones Jr., who helped Chicago run 13-5 and gain an 88-81 lead in the final.

• Of course, the team lost the competition by six points, but with only a few seconds left, they were in a position to win. If I’m head coach Billy Donovan, this is the game I’m emphasizing behind the scenes. While part of the reason for the Bulls ’loss in this game was the incredibly difficult hit of Jrew Khalid, it was also due to a number of suicidal injuries. The team allowed seven offensive shots in the 4th quarter and allowed the Bucks to shoot 12 free throws into 3 of their own. Incidentally, the choice of a lower blow could have been much better. Great teams like the Bucks are able to close, but the Bulls have made it very easy for them to get back into the game. If they could have played with the same discipline and performance we saw during the 3 quarters, they could have won very well.

• FWIW: The second game in this regular season series also happened only a game in which the Bulls ’seat dominated the Bucks’ seat. When turns are reduced, auxiliary members must bring their A-game to keep the Bulls in it.


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