Referring to the study, the MCS administration is reviewing COVID study loss plans.

MARSHALL – On March 2, the Department of Public Education published a study of the impact of COVID-19 on schools, and like other school systems, Madison County Schools suffered significant deficiencies.

At a meeting on March 28 at the Central Office, Madison County Board of Education and Superintendent Will Hoffman explained in detail what the administration would do to compensate for these losses.

“To make up for the loss of training and academic recovery as a result of the pandemic, we have hired academic professionals in our schools,” Hoffman said. “These interventions used a level-based system that is supported by data to implement a small group guide throughout the day. very open-eyed and amazing. We were amazed at this, but we weren’t surprised because we knew all over the state, we knew what would happen without a face-to-face guide. “

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