Regina King sheds “tears of joy” after studying an influential ancestral document (exclusive)

Regina King is the latest celebrity to go on her own Find your roots travel. In an exclusive viewing from Tuesday’s episode, King receives some news about an important act that one of his ancestors committed shortly after the abolition of slavery. While talking to host Henry Louis Gates Jr., the actor becomes emotional after hearing the legacy of his ancestors and weeps “tears of joy”.

Gates Jr. recounts that King’s third grandfather did a rare act during his lifetime. He explained that two years after the civil war and after the ratification of the 13th Amendment to the abolition of slavery, his ancestor was registered to vote. The landlord said King’s relative, despite being illiterate, had registered to vote after the case was legalized, which was made possible by the 1867 Restoration Act. Little Gates said it was very “rare.” to be able to show someone an actual voter registration certificate because they were able to work with King in this case.

The Oscar winner wondered when Gates Jr. was reflecting on the lives of his ancestors. Although, he noted that they were “tears of joy” and added: “Because he felt the importance of this and what it means. And as you said, although he could not read and write, he felt.” Then King said. that she was shocked to hear the news and said she was not entirely sure what she had learned while sitting. Find your roots. However, she was amazed at what she had learned.

The next section Find your roots On Tuesday at 20:00 ET will air on the PBS network. In addition to King, the episode will also feature Damon Lindelof, who has acted in both. guards and Remains. Both King and Lindelof sat down with Gates Jr. to uncover the most amazing facts about their families. The current season, which will consist of ten episodes, began in January last year. As for what this series includes, Gates Jr. made it best when he released a statement announcing Season 8, according to KPBS.

“What our guests – and their ancestors – embodied Find your roots and the American experience is all about it: America is an immigrant nation, willing or unwilling, but at the genome level, despite our physical differences, we are 99% the same. ”in our own unique ways, but each of us is an ancestor. , who have a story to tell, and the goal of YOUR ROOTS search is to allow them to eventually tell these stories.

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