Remington Sharp learns new things every day, even after being diagnosed with optic nerve hypoplasia.

STATESVILLE, NC (WBTV) – Remington Sharp is a 10-month-old baby in Statsville who is one in every 10,000 babies born with optic nerve hypoplasia. She was diagnosed six months ago.

Remington’s mother, Jadden Fletcher, said: “Optic nerve hypoplasia causes vision loss.” “Remington has no vision with light sensitivity. It’s a lifelong disability. We, Remington’s father, Marcus Sharp, and I were told there was no possibility of change. At first it was devastating news, but we are adapting.”

Jadden says the disease occurs when the optic nerve in the uterus is not fully developed.

“When I was pregnant with her, Remington had a small hemorrhage in her brain,” she said. “A small amount of bleeding caused her nerves to fail to grow properly. You don’t hear about it very often, so I hope to teach others by sending you his story. When people ask what he has and we tell them, they look at us with confusion because no one has ever heard of optic nerve hypoplasia.

“I want these children and infants not to be looked down upon because they are actually blind. My son is like any other child, even though he doesn’t really see. He learns new things every day, maybe it will take him a little while to get it. “

Glad you wrote, Jadden. Other images you submitted are below.

Sometimes learning is as simple as learning a term you didn’t know before: Optic nerve hypoplasia.

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Remington Sharp(Family photo)

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