Revealed UConn women’s soccer recruitment class with 8 players

STORRS, Connecticut – Main coach Margaret Rodriguez announced the addition of eight new freshmen to the 2026 class for the UConn women’s soccer team.

“We are really excited to welcome this class to Storrs this fall,” Rodriguez said. “We have gained momentum over the last few years and we have improved every season and I think this group will come and be able to contribute immediately as we continue.”

Forward | Manchester, United States of America Eastern Catholic High School

Rodriguez on Carroll: “Maddie is a goal scorer, simple and easy. He has a sense of smell and always tries to shoot. He has a high dribble speed in the attack and can get behind the line when he runs away from the ball. We’re looking forward to hitting our offensive and finding the back of the net like Husky. “

Why UConn: “I chose UConn because I wanted to go to college, which has a great balance between academics and athletics. UConn has always been a big part of my life when I was growing up, especially since my parents and grandparents visited UConn. I believe that UConn will move me to become the best player I can be, and at the same time I will be surrounded by amazing coaches and teammates. “

Before UConn: The club played for Oakwood Soccer Club… Oakwood placed second in the national ranking in the number of goals per match… 04 Oakwood placed 1st… participated in the national team from U-14-U-17… honorary member first three years in high school… high school diploma as a senior.

Goalkeeper | Moment, Ill. | Moment High School

Rodriguez on Duran: “Ady is a technically proficient goalkeeper who has great movement and position. It has good timing on the crosses and has a dominant presence in the air. We are excited to have Ada on campus and to follow her development. It will be a great addition to our UConn goalie union. ”

Why UConn: “I chose UConn because it felt at home there and offered everything I could ever imagine as the school of my dreams. From an academic point of view, UConn has an amazing kinesiology program, and as an athlete, I felt a strong connection between staff and players. ”

Before UConn: The club played for Eclipse Select SC… also played softball.

Midfielder Mahwah, NJ | Mahwan High School

Rodriguez on Gomez: “Izzy is a dynamic attacking player who can make an impact in our midfield or side position. She is very fast and technically proficient and has the opportunistic thinking we love. It will be a great addition to our program and we can’t wait to see its impact at this level. “

Why UConn: “Between a coaching team that wants nothing but the best for my future, and a football program that will allow me to grow not only as an athlete but also as a person, I know that UConn is a perfect fit. In addition, the knowledge that I will be constantly challenged at the academic level is very reassuring, because balance is the key to being a successful student-athlete. There is also a family culture at the top level, where everyone feels belonging. Looking at my future, I can’t be happier to spend another four years at UConne! ”

Before UConn: Klub Club played for World Class FC… ECNL All-Conference New England in 2021… Invited to U-17 Argentina National Camp in 2020… Double team captain in Mahwan… First Team All-League in 2019, 20th and 21st… Second All-Bergen County Team in 2021… United Soccer Coaches All-America East Region in 2021… 2021 All-State – NJGSCA Big Big North Conference Division Champions… 2019 and 20 First Team All-Bergen County… Triple Honorary Member… Price director as a junior.

Defender / Midfielder Glastonbury, United States Glastonbury High School

Rodriguez about the merchant: “Sophia is intelligent and technically efficient on the ball. It plays very well by combining mid-pass passes and easy play. He has a great presence and can be a destroyer in defense on the ground and in the air. Sophia is a great addition and we can’t wait to see how she develops here in UConne. “

Why UConn: “I chose UConn because being part of this program was my number one goal when I started the recruitment process. Surrounded by such advanced players will move me to become the best player I can be, and I couldn’t have wished for a more friendly coaching team or a more beautiful background. “

Before UConn: The club played for Oakwood… participated in the national women’s training and the national combination… 2021 All-State… All-Conference and All-State selection… 2019 State Championship – CIACLL… Conference Champion.

Defender / Midfielder Brampton, Ontario Cardinal Leger High School

Rodriguez on Loncar: “Julia is a defender who can impress anywhere in our position in the reserve or in the middle of the field. She has defensive thinking and thrives on her defensive work, but she also has the ability to play. Her technical and tactical skills, together with her athletics and mentality, will help her reach this level, and we can’t wait for her to succeed as a husky. ”

Why UConn: “UConn’s reputation for being competitive in both athletics and academia was something I immediately fell in love with. It is also refreshing to be welcomed by a supportive and transparent coaching team. Right after visiting the campus, I felt at home and I am sure that UConn and the women’s soccer program will allow me to lay a great foundation for my future. “

Before UConn: Played by Woodbridge Soccer Club… Won 10 Championships with Woodbridge, last 2021 League 1 Ontario Reserve League Championship… 2017-22 Team Captain… 2017-20 Ontario Provincial Projects Programs… 2018 Ontario Provincial Team… Honor from 2018-22… Academic excellence in chemistry and an introduction to information technology.

Midfielder Williamsburg, VA | Jamestown High School

Rodriguez about the merchant: “Abbey is a clever player who defends well and is disciplined on and off the ball with movement and working pace. He can play as a defensive midfielder or midfielder and has great peace. Abbey has the tools to do very well at the next level because he has the discipline and determination to prepare for success. ”

Why UConn: “The reason I chose UConn is because it has everything I want. It’s a great school with a great football program. It’s the most amazing environment here and I feel at home here. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere. “

Before UConn: The club played for Richmond United ECNL… Invited to the US Soccer Regional Combine… Invited to the National Training Center… ECNL PDP Selection… First All-Region Team… Second All-State Team… 4A Regional Champion… Honorary Member.

Forward | Blantyre, Malawi Berkshire School

Rodriguez and Okafore: “During the recruitment process, we were impressed by Chiina’s desire to be challenging and eager to grow. She is an incredible sportswoman who has the ability to be a dangerous threat to us, both centrally and externally. A natural leftist, we are excited about what she will bring to our attack and we believe she can strike at the highest level. “

Why UConn: “I chose UConn because when I entered the campus, I knew it was a place I wanted to call home for the next four years. The coaches and players greeted me with great enthusiasm and infectious smiles and I knew I wanted to be around that positive energy and environment. The culture on the football team seems to be very strong from what I saw at one training session, which I was lucky enough to watch, and I could say that everyone was treated the same and the same regardless of the year they were in, namely is a healthy environment that I know I will need to create space for development on and off the field. And I can’t forget to mention the top UConn devices. UConn is well known for its sports, complemented by incredible infrastructure and technology, and I had no doubt that UConn, with the help of extensive facilities, would develop the athlete I wanted to be. ”

Before UConn: He played for Black Rock FC… 2021-22 Berkshire MVP… 2019-20 Berkshire MVP… 2019-20 and 2020-21 All-NEPSAC Team.

Defender Norwalk, United States St. Joseph’s High School

Rodriguez on Sheehan: “Caroline is the defender of the heart and understands her role well – to win balls and unite. She is a left-footed player who can play both a wide defender and a middle defender. On the side, it has the ability to join the attack and provide quality services. Caroline will be a great addition to our back line. ”

Why UConn: “I decided to go to UConn because as soon as I arrived on campus, I fell in love with everything from the team’s close ties to amazing academics and an incredible coaching team. I look forward to the coming years with my teammates and coaches as I compete at a highly competitive level. ”

Before UConn: He played for the Connecticut Football Club… ECNL Nationals qualification… two-time All-FCIAC first team as junior and senior… second All-FCIAC team as second… Honorable Mention All-FCIAC as freshman… Honorary Director’s List.

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