Ridfield High School will remain remote due to staff shortages due to an increase in COVID-19 cases

READFIELD – Maranacook Community High School students will be away for the rest of the week, after an increase in Corona cases left the school staffless.

As of Wednesday, only the high school was affected. The other schools in the 38th District School Unit – the Maranacook Community Middle School and Wayne, Manchester and Reidfield Elementary Schools – will continue to study in person, but school officials remind students to monitor for symptoms of illness.

In high school, 20 cases of COVID-19 have been reported among students since Monday and five cases among staff members, Superintendent Jay Chart said in an interview Wednesday morning. Some workers have already ruled out absences ahead of the wave of disease, which has exacerbated workers’ fears.

“We try to remind people that there are still things we need to do that are important,” Chart said. “Things have not disappeared, COVID-19 has not disappeared and we need to be smart about it.”

Chart told the Kennebec Journal that high school officials are “not sure why” high school has seen an increase in the number of cases and they are “trying to figure it out.” But, it is “very worrying”, he added.

In a letter to the community on Wednesday afternoon, the inspector reminded families to use COVID-19 filters before sending students to school and said that “it is very important to identify symptoms and seek guidance.”

“We call on everyone to be on the side of caution over the coming weeks to help curb any future COVID spread,” Charter wrote. “Stay home if you’m sick.”

Afternoon activities will continue on Wednesdays and Fridays but not on Thursdays, when staff members will clean the building.

The high school is expected to resume in person on April 4th.

Chart announced on March 18 that it would not release any more weekly updates regarding COVID-19 cases, but would return to do so if the cases went up. The last count, almost two weeks ago, included one staff case, eight COVID-19 cases in elementary schools and none in middle or high school.

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