Rio Bravo elementary teacher saves the life of one of her students

In an emotional ceremony, fourth-grade teacher Karina Ramos of Juarez-Lincoln Elementary School was surprised Wednesday with a recognition award for her actions in saving the life of one of her students.

On Jan. 20, Ramos saved the life of Caylee Gualito, who was visibly choking as she was eating her lunch. After being alerted by another of her students, Delilah Pruneda, she quickly responded by applying the Heimlich Maneuver and removing the object.

During the event, Delilah was also recognized for having alerted her teacher in time to what was happening to Caylee and acting quickly to request for help.

In front of the students, staff and family members of Ramos, Caylee and Delilah, school principal Roberto Ortiz said they were there to honor Mrs. Ramos.

“Mrs. Ramos is in her first year of teaching. Other teachers in her situation would have panicked in that context, but she reacted quickly, and well thanks to Delilah’s alertness,” Ortiz said. “We want to thank you for doing an amazing job. Also, thank you Delilah for letting your teacher know. And Caylee, now you know that you have to chew your food really well.”

Ortiz gave some recommendations for everyone in the audience, especially the children.

“Chew your food well before you swallow it,” he said. “We all must be vigilant and be the guardian of our brother because it can happen anywhere. Here we feed 617 students every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and we are very vigilant about that because it is a scary occurrence. Parents come and leave their children with us and trust us that we will return them in the same condition as they arrived. It is a great responsibility. Our two priorities are educating children and their safety.”

Rio Bravo Mayor Gilbert Aguilar together with the Rio Bravo Commissioner Amanda Aguero presented an award “as a way of saying thank you for performing the heroic act of stepping in to help the life of a student during an emergency.”

“She is a hero. She saved the life of a girl. I am a father too, and I appreciate what she did for Caylee,” Aguilar said. “Thanking in reality is an understatement, and it is good to have people in the district who are trained to save lives. We will work hard to have more people trained for our community.”

Representing Webb County Sheriff Martin Cuellar was Chief Scott Avant, who presented Ramos with the Life Saving Award.

“I thank Mrs. Ramos for her courage in saving lives,” Scott said. “Sheriff Martin Cuellar recognizes and commends Mrs. Ramos for performing extraordinary physical acts and rendering life-saving techniques to aid in the preservation of human life.”

Ramos recalled what happened that day and said that there were only six students in the classroom.

“Every Friday outstanding students are invited to eat with the teacher and do different activities. It is like a prize to be with their teacher, and we do videos and different activities,” Ramos said. “Delilah told me something was going on with Caylee, and I saw that something was wrong.

“I asked her if she was choking and she nodded in agreement. So I told Delilah to go get help, and I applied the Heimlich Maneuver and it worked. It was a piece of chicken that wouldn’t let her breathe.”

Ramos has a CPR certification. She said that the girl was also very brave, because even though she was scared, she did not cry until the impact had passed and she decided to continue at school for the rest of the day.

Ramos also recommends the importance of being vigilant when children are eating as well as cutting food well before eating.

“It was a scary situation, but thanks to God, my guardian angels and those of the girls, everything went well,” Ramos said.

Caylee said that she felt a bit afraid because no one realized what was happening during the incident.

“Nobody was understanding me, I couldn’t speak,” Caylee said. “I signaled to my friend, and then Mrs. Ramos asked me if I was OK and she got nervous. But she got behind me and pressed my belly. My friend Delilah went to the principal’s office to ask for help, and then they checked. me in the nurses office and called my mom.

“I am really grateful to have Mrs. Ramos to help me there and also with my friend Delilah,”

Yasmin Hernandez, Caylee’s mother, said even though she was scared, she was calm because she was told that her daughter was calmed.

“I talked to her and asked her if she wanted to come home, but she preferred to stay. The teachers recommended that I hug her when she got home because she was scared,” Hernandez said. “I am very grateful to the teacher because she was able to react to save my daughter’s life.”

Armando Gualito, Caylee’s father, also thanked Delilah and Mrs. Ramos for what they did for her daughter.

“I thank Delilah for letting the teacher know. I have no words to thank what they did for her,” he said.

Delilah said that Caylee has been her best friend since first grade.

“She has been my best friend for a long time,” Delilah said. “She signaled to me that something was wrong, and I told the teacher. When I went to ask for help, I was just thinking that I wanted everything to be OK because she is my best friend. I also want to tell other children that if they see something similar happening not to panic and to go to an adult for help.”

Delilah’s parents, Marco Alvarado and Maria Aguero, said they are very proud of what she did.

“We want to talk to Delilah so that she can talk to the students, so that she tells them that if they see something, say something, and not to be afraid, since it is for the safety of all the children,” Marco Alvardo. said.

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