Ryan Reynolds surprises college students by crashing their class, watch his sweet interaction here

Imagine attending your regular college class on a Wednesday, when suddenly an A-list Hollywood film star walks into your class. The students of journalism at Canada’s Seneca College experienced something like this when Canadian-American actor Ryan Reynolds showed up during one of their practical studio sessions.

As per local reports, Reynolds was taking a tour of Seneca College on Tuesday when he went inside a journalism studio. He not only greeted the students but also shot a mock broadcast with them. Now a video of Reynolds speaking in front of a greenscreen with coffee in his hands as he reads from the teleprompter is going viral.

This video was posted online by Canadian television broadcaster Sid Seixeiro on Thursday. It has so far gathered over 1.9 lakh likes.

In the video, students are heard suppressing their laughter in the background. The actor reads an update about American talk show host Dr Phil’s decision of discontinuing his popular chat show. At some point, he stops reading from the teleprompter and says “are you with me here?”, while referring to the star-stuck student next to him.

As Reynolds continues the broadcast shooting with the student, other students in the background burst into cheers. At the end of the segment, the actor notes, “You probably need to get that prompter moving a little faster next time,” before quickly adding, “That’s my fault, not yours.”


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