Severe weather outbreak Live updates: Schools closed; Storm Wound 7 in Northwest Arkansas Weather Channel – Articles from the Weather Channel

  • School districts are closing from Mississippi to Florida.
  • Many buildings were severely damaged in Springdale, Arkansas, on Wednesday morning.
  • Seven people were injured, two fatally, in Springdale.

A severe weather eruption is sweeping across the south and is expected to bring dangerous storms to some countries from Wednesday to Thursday.

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Here’s a look at the latest news from this outbreak:

(16:02 EDT) Arkansas tornado damage is rated at least EF-2

A preliminary National Weather Service survey indicates the damage from the tornado that hit Springdale, Arkansas, early this morning, is at least EF2, according to National Weather Service reports being monitored by meteorologists. Tornado damage in St. Joseph, Missouri, from Tuesday night was rated EF1.

(15:58 PM EDT) School was canceled in Florida Panhandle

At least two counties, Washington and Franklin, have announced that classes are canceled for Thursday.

Out of plenty of caution, Superintendent Steve Lanier and school officials canceled classes tomorrow due to an impending storm, “Franklin County said in a statement.

(15:43 EDT) More than 75,000 homes and businesses without electricity in three states

About 61,000 power outages are reported in Louisiana, according to Most of the breaks cover about 17 communities in the western and central parts of the country.

More than 15,000 breaks are reported in Mississippi and about 5,700 in Arkansas.

Each break represents one account in the IEC, but may affect many more people.

(14:34 EDT) The ferry service is down in the New Orleans area

The service was suspended on some of the ferry routes in New Orleans in anticipation of the weather, including Algiers Point – Canal Street and Chalmette. The tram service is also disabled.

(14:17 EDT) A team at the Louisiana Army Base was told to take cover

Soldiers and other crew members in Ft. Polk, near the town of De Ryder, about 50 miles north of Lake Charles, was told to seek shelter since a tornado warning was issued about an hour ago.

“Go to an interior room on the lowest floor of a stable building,” the base’s Twitter alert said. “Avoid windows. If you are in a mobile home, car or outdoors, move to the nearest substantial shelter and protect yourself from flying debris.”

Since then everything has been cleared.

(14:05 EDT) Spike power outages in Louisiana

About 44,000 power outages are reported in Louisiana, according to Most of the breaks correspond to a series of severe storms that bloom over a large area of ​​the country.

(1:53 pm EDT) Officials warn of a bad day ahead of us in Mississippi

Shelters open in parts of Mississippi when residents are asked to stay alert.

“Today’s weather may not affect some people while others may experience one of the worst days of their lives,” Stephen McRaney, executive director of the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, said in a briefing, according to the Associated Press.

(13:20 EDT) Schools close early or hold remote classes

A number of school districts across the south sent the children home early or moved to remote classes on Wednesday due to the severe weather. According to the AP, early dismissals and distance learning included Memphis schools and dozens of Mississippi counties.

The University of Alabama also announced that it will discontinue campus operations at 4 p.m.

(11:06 AM EDT) Seven injured in Springdale, Arkansas

Local police confirmed to The Weather Channel that seven people were injured in Springdale as the severe storms hit the city. Two of these wounded were fatally wounded. Other information on the condition of the wounded was not immediately available.

(10:44 EDT) Storm Arkansas Another example of the dangers of QLCS

Tornadoes that develop rapidly within a series of severe storms can be particularly dangerous as there may be little delivery time. This increases the need to act quickly on a tornado warning or a strong thunderstorm when it is issued.

A brief series of thunderstorms intensified as it moved northwest to Arkansas about 30 minutes before hitting Springdale. This prompted the National Weather Service to issue a strong thunderstorm warning for the area at 4:03 a.m. CDT. The storm line reached its peak just above Fateville Corridor to Springdale at around 4:09 p.m.

A tornado clock was also in effect for northwest Arkansas until 7:00 p.m.

Although it is not yet known if the damage in Springdale was caused by a tornado, it would fit a description of quadruple-type convection system (QLCS) tornadoes, which often do not come with prolonged warning lead time because they rotate rapidly.

For more information on the dangers of QLCS tornadoes, watch this video.

(9:47 a.m. EDT) Springdale School is heavily damaged

In a statement to, Springdale School District confirmed heavy damage to George Elementary School:

“At this point we can confirm that George Elementary School in Springdale, Arkansas, was damaged by a potential tornado in the early hours of Wednesday, March 30,” the statement said. “The gym was destroyed and the kitchen and cafeteria were badly damaged. The school district is closed today. The maintenance team assesses damage to all buildings throughout Springdale County.”

With more than 23,000 students, Springdale County is the largest in the state of Arkansas.

(8:30 a.m. EDT) Buildings, homes damaged in Springdale

A damaged home is seen in this aerial photo taken on Wednesday, March 30, 2022, in Springdale, Arkansas.

(Brian Empinger / Non-Governmental)

The fourth-largest city in Arkansas suffered damage from a pre-dawn storm Wednesday morning, but no casualties were reported immediately, according to the AP.

The damage in Springdale was illuminated by the lights of first responders and headlights as people entered damaged buildings to look for victims. Some of the most severe damage appeared to be in the Nilfish office building, just south of the downtown area along Robinson Avenue.

Southwest of the Nilfish office, the George Elementary School sports hall was demolished.

(8:19 a.m. EDT) Overnight structural damage in St. Joseph, Missouri

Houses were damaged and vehicles overturned when a storm warning of a tornado swept through the town of St. Joseph in northwestern Missouri Tuesday night. No one was injured, St. Joseph police told A survey team from NWS confirmed this morning (Wednesday) that the damage was caused by Tornado EF1.

St. Joseph is located about 50 miles north of Kansas City, Missouri.

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