Shakur Stevenson vs. Robson Conceicao: LIVE analysis, results, more


More of the same. Stevenson is picking Conceicao apart and taking very few punches in return. The Brazilian seems to be breaking down both physically and mentally. Everyone, including Conceicao, can see that Stevenson is the much better boxer.


Conceicao is throwing a lot of punches but few are landing. Meanwhile, Stevenson, calm and cool, landed some damaging straight and wide lefts to his opponent’s head. He’s boxing beautifully.


Conceicao had a better round. He landed some good body shots and a nice counter to the head. Still, Stevenson has the better body language and also landed his share of solid shots. Stevenson is still in control.


Stevenson took firm control of the fight that round, walking Conceicao down and landed hard shots to both the head and body. Another problem for the Brazilian: Stevenson’s defensive ability. Conceicao is trying but he’s having trouble with accuracy. Stevenson scored a knockdown with a body shot at the end of the round.


The fight is competitive but Stevenson is landing the cleaner, harder punches. He landed a brilliant left uppercut midway through the round that seemed to stun Conceicao. The action is back-and-forth, though. Good fight so far.


The fighters picked up their pace and intensity. Conceicao was busier than Stevenson, landing a number of shots to the body. Stevenson responded in kind and also connected on a few eye-catching punches to the head. Close round.


Mostly a feel-out, find-year-range round. Both guys jabbed some and threw power shots here and there, but not much landed. Stevenson, a southpaw, connected on a few straight lefts. One appears to get Conceicao’s attention.


Minutes away from the main event. The fighters are in the ring.


Lightweight prospect Keyshawn Davis of Norfolk, Virginia, stopped veteran Omar Tienda at 1:38 of Round 5 of a scheduled eight-round bout.

Davis (6-0, 5 KOs) outclassed Tienda (25-6, 18 KOs) with his superior boxing skills for four-plus rounds. Then, midway through the fifth, he put Tienda down with a right to the side of the head.

The Mexican was able to get up but was greeted with a flurry of hard punches that forced referee Earl Brown to stop the fight.

Davis won a silver medal in the 2020 Olympics in Japan, which took place last year because of the COVID pandemic.


Unbeaten 130-pound contender Henry Lebron (16-0, 10 KOs) of Puerto Rico defeated Andy Vences (23-4-1, 12 KOs) of San Jose, California, by a unanimous decision in an eight-round bout.

The scores were 80-72, 79-73 and 78-74.


Shakur Stevenson lost his 130-pound titles on the scale Thursday but the rising young star will still face Robson Conceicao tonight (Friday) in Newark, New Jersey, Stevenson’s home town.

The now-vacant WBC and WBO belts will be on the line only for Conceicao.

Also on the card, 130-pound contender Henry Lebron will face Andy Vences in a scheduled eight-rounder. And 2020 Olympic silver medalist Keyshawn Johnson will fight Omar Bahena in a scheduled eight-round 135-pound bout.

The card begins at 10 pm ET / 7 pm PT. The main event will take place later in the show.

Boxing Junkie will post round-by-round commentary of the main event and results of the featured bouts on the card immediately after they end. Simply return to this post when the time comes.

Full coverage – a fight story, photo gallery and analysis – will follow on separate posts the night of the fight and the following day.

Enjoy the fights!


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