Shares of Veranda Learning shares could have a “smooth” opening, experts say

Shares of Veranda Learning will be put up for sale on Indian stock exchanges today. According to the BSE website, “Shares of Veranda Learning Solutions Limited must be listed and listed on the Exchange as a ‘T’ group of securities.” Shares of Veranda Learning Solutions Limited in the NSE and BSE will be listed at a special preliminary meeting (SPOS) on Monday, April 11, 2022.

According to market analysts, Veranda Learning’s share price today could have a “smooth” opening. They said the company is a loss-making enterprise and it was also offered at a higher price. Thus, the chances of new investors buying the company’s shares from the listing after the free market are very volatile. Market experts said stocks could be listed 150 to 160 ranges from 10 to 15 percent bonus to distributors relative to the issue price 137 for a share. However, much will depend on the spirit of the market, analysts added.

Talk about Veranda Learning shares; Abhay Doshi, Founder of, said, “Veranda Learning, an integrated learning solution player, received a dull response from investors from QIB and HNI. given the dull response and costly assessment, it is not surprising that the listing in the flat area would have been negative. ”

On why distributors can expect an award from the IPO Veranda Learning listing; Ravi Singhol, vice president of GCL Securities, said, “Shares of Veranda Learning Solutions Ltd are listed in the‘ Trade to Business ’category and therefore short sales at the box office are not possible. so in case of weak market sentiment, I expect these stocks to revolve around listing. 150 for each level, while in case of strong market sentiment, it can list around it 160 levels. Thus, detached individuals can expect a 10 to 15 percent listing premium from Veranda Learning’s share listing. ”

Flat expectations for Veranda Learning IPO discount listing; Manoj Dalmia, founder and CEO of Proficient Equities Limited, said, “Veranda Learning is a loss-making company. In recent years, investors have burned a lot after investing in such unprofitable companies and technology companies. face up, I’m looking forward to a cheap listing of Veranda Learning shares. “

Demonstrate weak foundations and company balance sheet; Ravi Singh, Vice President and Head of Research, Share India, said, “Veranda Learning’s share price may have a slight discount to the opening because the company’s fundamentals are too dull. A new investor may not be interested in listing shares and it could go down after the trigger. profit booking among distributors. “

Disclaimer: The opinions and recommendations mentioned above are from individual analysts or brokerage firms, not from Mint.

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