Shonen Jump is ranked by the main characters, Intelligence

Shonen jump Famous for having main characters who are not exceptionally bright. More intelligent characters are usually assigned as rivals or rivals, such as Itachi or Vejita.

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However, Shonen’s popular collection of manga under the jump is versatile enough to create some truly thoughtful lead characters. This is especially true in recent years, when the styles of characters in anime and manga archetypes began to change somewhat more delicately. When analyzing intelligence in Shonen jump anime, it is very often related to combat, and it is important to consider both the intelligence and intelligence of scholars on the battlefield.

10 Goku

Goku from Dragon Ball Super: Superhero teaser

The protagonist of Dragon Ball The classic stereotype of the genre, and in the eyes of many fans, he misrepresented that personality.

To the extent that Goku did not understand the major parts of human anatomy, he had a serious flaw in basic book knowledge. However, Goku’s decision-making power on the battlefield is so poor that his lack of intelligence at the book level does not seem like a big deal. Goku is the king of Bonehead anime protagonists, whether his opponent takes hundreds of seconds to transform or whether he sits with his mouth open or presents Senju Bean to his opponent for a more just fight.

9 Naruto

Naruto in sage mode

Shelter and protagonist of the nine-tailed fox Naruto He’s so simple, he’s incredibly powerful.

At the academic level, Naruto is a complete failure at every stage in the anime. He did not do well in the written test of the Chunin exams and he was a bad student in his early academy days. Although Naruto has some clever uses of his shadow clone technique throughout the series, his martial arts are not on par with other Shonen protagonists to compensate for his flaws.

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8 Gone Freaks

The gun in Hunter x Hunter‌ laughs happily

The protagonist of Hunter X HunterGon is the youngest of the self-respecting idiot and famous Shonen jump protagonists.

Since there is almost nothing to talk about formal education or street smart, Gon has to rely on other members of his team like Kilua and Leorio to do almost anything. He often takes matters into his own hands when he leaves plenty of fights for characters more powerful than Gon. His stubbornness aside, Gone actually had some clever combat tactics. His plan to change the boulder card in his fight with the bomber is a shining example of Gon’s creative abilities.

7 Monkey d. Luffy

Game One Piece Monkey D Luffy

Luffy, the protagonist of One piece, Has been going on for 20 years and is not yet complete. Luffy early anime has very simple bone-headed tropes of protagonists, but they are often used in purely humorous moments.

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Luffy has no education earned by other Shonen jump characters and spends most of his time on adventure. He may have his clumsy and thoughtless moments like going into gruesome traps or challenging Kaido, but Luffy also has improvement and better performance on the battlefield. Discovering the crocodile’s weakness and dipping his fist into the water is an example of how Luffy used his brain along with his own.

6 UG

Yuji is looking uncertain

Itadori Yuji, protagonist Jujutsu Kaisen, Known for his amazing athletic ability. After the king of curses, Riomen, eats Sukuna’s finger, Yuji Jujutsu is forced to become Sukuna’s character and grasp all the fingers of the curse.

Yuji declares himself an idiot and is often referred to by his classmates Nobara and Megumi. However, Yuji has brighter areas than other Shonen jump protagonists. Not only did Yuji have a formal high school education, he was also a fan of pop culture and film due to Gojo Satoru’s training. In terms of combat, Yuji is able to sync quickly with various partners such as Todo and has mastered the use of Black Flash after a short lesson.

5 Ichigo

BleachUntil the day Rukia gave him the powers of Soul Reaper his protagonist was just an ordinary man. After that day, Ichigo did his part to balance high school life by killing the halos and being a hero.

Ichigo was not known as an academic genius or to outperform his rivals, but he was not sure whether he was a simpleton or a pre-accident. Of all the Shonen jump protagonists, he sat consistently as the most average man in terms of intelligence. Despite the heroic deeds and Ichigo’s death many times over, he was just a normal high school student.

4 Plate

Demon Slayer, Tanjiro Commodo

Muzan, the ancestor of the demon, killed his family and turned his sister Nezuko into a monster.

Demon Slayers The protagonist does not have a great understanding of education, but his understanding of nature and his skill is very high. The sun-breathing warrior was also shown to be very creative in battle. While Tanjiro was battling the docky with the pain caused by sunbathing, he used his old water breathing method in combination with half sun breathing, thus creating a more versatile combination attack that was less powerful. This new style, invented on the fly, allowed him to hold his own against the dockie and defend Tengen Uzui’s wife.

3 యుగి

Yugi looks surprised

Yugi Moto is the rightly named protagonist of the famous card game anime Yu-gi-oh! After solving a strange puzzle given to him by his grandfather, Yugi became the host to the spiritual spirit of the unnamed Pharaoh.

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Yugi is a student and often appears to visit places like museums. Not to mention that Yugi’s grandfather is a retired archaeologist and historian, it seems that Yugi chose tastes from his grandfather and guardian. While playing Duel Monsters, Yugi is an expert strategist. Defeating Pharaoh in the final duel of the series and going along with the protagonist of the following series, Yu-gi-oh! GXOnly two feats showing Yugi’s level as a player.

2 Midoria

My hero is Academia Izuku Midoria

Of the main My hero is Academia After being born without his own power, he was rewarded with the power of one of the strongest and most ingenious in the world.

Midoria is considered by his classmates to be a bit of a nerd. Midoria finished fourth in her class in test results and had a record of analyzing and learning professional heroes and their abilities. In terms of combat intelligence, Midoria is exceptionally skilled at figuring out how best to combine the strengths of her team. With the bizarre tricks of Mineta and Asui, Deku was able to devise a plan for the trio to eliminate the group of villains in the first season of the series.

1 Light

Light Yagami from Death Note holding the Death Note and smiling

Child genius and protagonist Death testimony By himself, Light Yagami named himself Kira after gaining the power of the Death Note. In the hope of bringing back a sense of justice to humanity and creating a better world, Light loses brutal schemes and high power.

Light is the only true genius among the main characters of Shonen Jump. Not only did he excel in school, but his intelligence as a detective and mastermind was unmatched. The way Light convinced Naomi that her identity was needed to nominate her for the job in the fight with Kira was the first example of Light’s outrageous genius using that identity only to get her real name for the Death Note.

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