Showman Blank Bears at both ends of the doubleheader

Washington won one, 7-0 and captured Game Two, 2-0

Chestertown, MD. – Hosts Washington College beat Ursinus by zero runs in 14 innings in the Shatabdi Conference softball double header at the Washington College Softball Field on Saturday afternoon. Showwoman hit 14 hits 7-0 in one game, holding the Bears 2-0 in Game Two. The Showmans are 12-11 overall, 6-2 at the conference, while the Bears are 14-13 overall and 2-6 at the Century.

Washington College 7 Ursinus 0 (Game 1)

How it happened
– Washington took control of the game by less than two runs in the first inning, two runs out of one. Lexi Bornheart She helped her own goal with a base hit to the right field to score Hannah Soldier For the opening run of the game and the next hitter, Megan RobbinsOnce on the right side to the plate Alyssa Vieira To make it 2-0.
– When someone was out at the bottom of the third, Robbins hit a victim to the right-center, which was driven by Alexa Draper to give the hosts a three-run lead.
– Below fourth, Washington added two runs in a pair of infield singles to extend the lead to 5-0. Chloe Trefs Scored a base hit from the shortstop Lexi Whitmer It made it 4-0, with Solge extending Vieira’s lead to five in the third base from a single.
– Washington scored two more runs in the sixth over to give them the final margin.

For Shore Woman (11-11, 5-2cc)
– Hitting: Vieira (4-for-4, two RBIs), Soldier (2-for-3, three runs), Treffs (2-for-3, two runs), Robbins (2-for-3, two RBIs) , Whitmer (2-for-3, RBI)
– Pitching: Bonheart (5-7 win, complete game shutout, 5 hits, zero walk, 4 strikeouts)
– Washington made an error in the first game, which led to zero Ursinus runs.
– Showman scored 14 hits in the game and drew twice, leaving six bases.

Ursinase (14-12, 2-5 cc)
– Beats: McKenzie Brennan (2-for-3), Sam Williams (2-for-3)
– Pitching: Alexis Miller (Defeat 3-7, nine hits, five runs, five saves, two walks, three strikeouts)
– Ursinus had no zero errors in the opener.
The Bears had five hits, and walked zero, trapped at five bases.

– Vieira named Goose Nation TV Showwoman Player of the Game
– Washington swept the top eight stolen bases in a season with one win. This is the most stolen game for showmen in seven games against Davis & Elkins on March 6, 2005.

Washington College 2 Ursinus 0 (Game 2)

How it happened
-In the final half of the first half without being out, Vieira, who followed in the lead, struck a sacrifice at Fly Centerfield to give Shoreman a 1-0 lead.
– Ursinus IV loaded the base with two outs, but Washington pitcher General Kozub got it. Jordan Moore Ground out to Third Base Soldier to end the threat.
– The Bears had second and third runners, while the one above the sixth was away Samantha Mallan He hit a groundball past Solge, but Treffs was able to field deep into the hole at the shortstop. In the play, Sarah Dillo Tried to score from third, but Treffs’ throw to Whitmer on the plate just in time Whitmer tagged Dillelo to maintain a one-run lead.
– After a walk to the next hitter, Moore loaded the base with two outs, and Kozub got Ali St. Jean to beat a comeback to end the threat.
– Shorewoman knocks someone out at the end of the sixth and loads the base, hitting the trefoil pitch to give Home Robbins an WC run and an 2-0 lead.
– Above the seventh, Amanda Panatti Ursinus’ hopes were dashed by a double-out double to center-left, but Cosub Williams knocked out Soldier in third place, knocking out the final of the game and the Twinbills.

For Showman (12-11, 6-2 cc)
– Hitting: Whitmer (3-for-4), Robbins (2-for-3, run), Soldier (2-for-4, run), Kozub (2-for-3)
– Pitching: Kozub (wins 7-4, complete game shutout, nine hits, two walks, zero strikeouts)
– Showwoman had 10 hits in the game, drew zero walks, and hit one player across the pitch when leaving nine bases.
– There were zero errors in the WC field.

Ursinas (14-13, 2-6 cc);
– Beats: Julia Eccles And Sarah Sullivan (2-for-3), Williams (2-for-4)
– Pitching: Kayla McTamney (Defeat 5-5, full game, 10 hits, two runs, two wins, zero walks, zero strikes)
– The Bears had nine hits and walked twice when they left nine bases.
– Made zero errors in Ursinus field.

– Treffs named Goose Nation TV Showwoman Player of the Game
– There were zero strikeouts between the two teams in the game.

4/19 @ Franklin & Marshall – 3 pm (Centennial Conference Doubleheader)
– Showman won both meetings last season, 9-8, 3-2.

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