ShowMyWell and Korean UlalaLAB to provide real-time IoT solutions for monitoring of O&G Operations and Carbon Emissions

Agreement provides ShowMyWell with exclusive access to UlalaLAB IoT products and technologies for its operations within North America.

HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, September 27, 2022 / — A digital oilfield service provider ShowMyWell LLC (“ShowMyWell”) and a leading Korean data lake tech company, UlalaLAB Inc. (“UlalaLAB”) announce they have entered into a definitive strategic agreement where UlalaLAB will gain immediate access to the North American O&G market and ShowMyWell will receive exclusive access to UlalaLAB’s leading IoT sensing, data collection, data analytics and visualization technologies being used in over 150 installations worldwide.

“Combining the excellence of our IoT solutions with the upstream expertise within ShowMyWell allows UlalaLAB to quickly enter the North America O&G market and provide support to ongoing operations for companies of all sizes” said Mr. Hakju Kang, CEO UlalaLAB. “Our experiences in digitally transforming the manufacturing, energy and farming industries over the past 12 years will translate directly into the O&G solutions being provided by ShowMyWell”. Douglas Nester, CEO of ShowMyWell added “The intelligent and cost-effective real-time monitoring solutions that we provide can increase efficiency and profitability of even marginal assets by delivering a greater understanding on the performance of production operations and associated equipment. In addition, our environmental monitoring solutions including real-time carbon emission measurement can provide management, investors, landowners, and insurance underwriters with confirmation that field level ESG requirements are being met and our environment is being protected.”

ShowMyWell expects to complete the integration of the UlalaLAB monitoring, analytics and visualization capabilities into their Production Performance, Equipment Performance, and Environmental Impact line of products in Q-4 2022.

About ShowMyWell LLC
ShowMyWell, a digital oilfield and field ESG monitoring startup, was formed in May 2021 to provide full transparency on the performance of O&G assets using cost effective IoT gateways, sensors, and meters for monitoring the real-time operating status of facilities and incorporating proprietary ML. /AI analytics to help optimize operations, improve efficiency, reduce downtime losses, and mitigate damage to the environment.

About UlalaLAB
UlalaLAB was established in 2011 and is Korea’s leading intelligent data lake solution provider for industrial IoT devices and sensors, data interface, real-time monitoring, visualization, and ML / AI analytics. The Company currently has 120 installations in 10 Countries around the globe and processes nearly 215 Billion bits of data daily.

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