South Africa Hospital (HospeTrack) Intelligence Report 2022 Featuring Drager, GE, Philips, Siemens, Ziehm, Canon, United Imaging, Mediso, Aloka, Mindray, Samsung, Aceso, Hologic, Elekta, & Varian –

South Africa Hospital (HospeTrack) Intelligence Report 2022 Featuring Drager, GE, Philips, Siemens, Ziehm, Canon, United Imaging, Mediso, Aloka, Mindray, Samsung, Aceso, Hologic, Elekta, & Varian –

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “HospeTrack Hospital Intelligence for South Africa” ​​report has been added to’s offering.

South African medical device market to be driven by the demand for neonatal care and radiology equipment.

As of 2021-22, South Africa has 368 public healthcare facilities, with the remaining being part of the private sector. The National Health Insurance scheme was started by the government to improve the quality of public healthcare and increase the healthcare budget.

For instance, a budget of USD 1.44 billion was allocated towards eliminating HIV, AIDS, and Tuberculosis, and improving Maternal and Child Health. The National Development Plan was adopted by the country as its vision for 2030, aiming to increase life expectancy to 70 years, and dealing with health challenges including maternal and child mortality, and non-communicable diseases.

South Africa’s three Millennium Developmental Goals (MDG) are aimed at reducing child mortality, improving maternal health, and combating diseases such as tuberculosis. The implementation of these goals resulted in an increase in the number of antenatal care visits as well as the number of deliveries performed by a skilled healthcare attendant.

However, despite sustained efforts by the government to improve the healthcare infrastructure, South Africa continues to face accessibility issues as well as long waiting times for diagnosis and treatment. As a result, the country suffers from high disease burdens, with around 58,000 mortalities annually, owing to tuberculosis.

Inadequate access to critical healthcare services places newborns at a high risk of complications leading to morbidity and mortality. The neonatal mortality in South Africa is estimated to be about 10.6 per 1,000 live births. With enhanced healthcare infrastructure especially in the public healthcare sector, a significant proportion of the deaths could potentially be avoided.

The current pool of market opportunities in the immediate term can be represented by secondary healthcare facilities for radiography and neonatal care equipment. Around 14% of newborns in South Africa have low birth weight; higher than several other African countries.

In addition, respiratory and cardiovascular disorders account for the leading causes of neonatal mortality in the country. With a single-digit penetration for incubators, infant ventilators, and radiant warmers at public level 1 and level 2 care hospitals, a market opportunity seems favorable in this segment for medical device manufacturers.

The latest National Strategic Plan aims to increase efforts in the regions that have the highest prevalence of TB. Possible efforts include screening more patients using chest X-ray systems. The introduction of mobile X-ray systems is favorable, especially in rural areas due to the elimination of travel costs of patients.

On similar lines, lung cancer ranks as the primary cause of cancer deaths in the country, thus demonstrating a need for CT based lung cancer screening initiatives. As per HospeTrack, there are 200+ CT scanners in South Africa.


1. Visualize and Map the Total Installed Base of the Country by Hospital

  • Monitoring & Access: ECG Machines, Holter monitors, Patient monitors, Ventilators, Anesthesia machines, Stress Testing Machines

  • Surgical: C-Arms

  • Cardio: Echocardiography, Cath Labs

  • Diagnostic Imaging: PET-CT, Gamma Camera,SPECT, CT Scanners, MRI Scanners, Ultrasound, X-Ray Machines, Mammography machines, DEXA

  • Infant Care: Incubators, Radiant Warmers, Fetal monitors, Phototherapy Units, Infant Ventilators

  • Renal: Dialysis Machine

  • Radiation Therapy: LINAC, Cobalt-60

  • Hospital IT: PACS, EMR

2. Generate Targeted Leads Based on Current Care Area Focus of a Hospital

  • 13 care areas tracked for each hospital

  • General Medicine, Gyn/Obs, Neurology, Internal Medicine, ER/Trauma, Pulmonology, GI, Cardiology, Oncology, Radiology, Nephrology, Ortho and Nuclear Medicine included in the report.

3. Visualize the Current Health Resource Status of a Hospital

  • Total number of doctors by hospital

  • Total number of Radiologists by hospital

  • Total number of Cardiologists by hospital

  • Total number of internal medicine physicians by hospital

  • Surgeons, neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons by hospital

4. Comprehend Medical Services Potential Using Bed and Operating Rooms Data

  • Total bed size of a hospital

  • Number of ICU beds by hospital

  • Number of NICU, PICU beds by hospital

  • Number of Major and Minor Operating Rooms available per hospital

  • Total number of outpatient visits per hospital where available

  • Total number of inpatient visits per hospital where available

5. Understand and Identify Types of Hospitals

  • Hospitals by ownership type – public and private

  • Assess and differentiate based on size of hospital – Regional hospitals, Wilayat hospitals, Local hospitals, Private hospitals and Imaging centers

  • Chart and map based on level of care – primary, secondary and tertiary care

6. Create Opportunity Heat Maps

  • 608 hospitals and imaging centers in South Africa listed by city, region, latitude and longitude and Zip Code

  • Contact numbers available for 95% of the hospitals

  • Website links mentioned for hospital where available

7. Estimate Market Potential of Equipment in the Country

Companies Mentioned

  • Drager

  • GE Healthcare

  • Philips

  • Siemens

  • Ziehm

  • Canon Medical

  • United Imaging

  • Mediso

  • Aloka

  • Mindray

  • Samsung

  • Aceso

  • Hologic

  • Elekta

  • Varian

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