StGWell is the 7th most awarded marketing network in the world for its effectiveness in the WARC Creative 100 rankings.

WARC has crowned Stagwell as the # 7 most award-winning company for impact and # 9 as the most award-winning company for creativity. These accolades range from Stagwell’s portfolio of 70+ leading marketing companies in 2021 to the industry’s highest awards (the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, Ephesus, and Clay Awards) to Fast Company’s most innovative companies in the world, and more. What reflects.

“We appreciate the creative, diverse and innovative talent at Stigwell’s global network that has contributed to this pride for their work. Stagwell believes that a simple but powerful equation produces unintended consequences: Creative + connected = effective, ”he said Mark Payne, CEO and CEO, Stigwell. “Regardless of the features they employ, our organizations take advantage of a high level of creativity and expertise in modern marketing tools – data, technology, research and insights to deliver results. Heritage advertising attracts adults – and the industry. ”

The WARC nominations come as part of an award and international recognition for Stigwel, featuring in its core competencies in digital transformation and innovation, creative content production, inclusive media, research and insight, and public affairs and communications. The governor reflects.

The key additional awards from 2022 Q1 are as follows:

  • Advertising Age A-List and Creativity Awards For five Stigwheel agencies 72 and Sunni (Administration Standard) Disorder (Name 9 a list)Assembly (Governance of the Year) Donor (Standout Agency), o FML (Customer Experience Management of the Year).
  • Fast Company Award for Most Innovative Company of the Year for the SpyNike / Waffle Iron Entertainment, Corona, Chipotle, and many more, an organization created for the content era, to fulfill customers’ “branded content commitments” at work. Observers have won the award for three consecutive years.
  • One show Asia Gold Award for “Flu” from the International Creative Community Forsman & Bodenfors And Gojic, Southeast Asia Leading on-demand multi-service platform.
  • Observer Introduction to Public Affairs and Political Consulting Company SKDKNamed the # 4 top public relations company in the United States.
  • Campaign UK Media Office of the Year for the Communication of goodsThe latest addition to the Stigwell Media Network and the second largest media organization in the UK.
  • Provoke Innovation Saber Awards High pride for Allison + partners The organization includes four awards for work up to the Budweiser customer, including the Budweiser customer work, and the coveted “Best in Exhibition” award for all-round performance at the 2022 SABER Awards.
  • Campaign United States Digital Innovation Agency of the Year Final announcement for FMLThe digital product and design store is known for its “Silicon Valley export”, recognizing its work that transforms the consumer experience for Polyester, Trif Market, and YETI, among others.

Dozens of other award-winning institutions such as Glow McVoyLocaria, Code and Theory, Scout Health, Concentric Health ExperiencesAnd DonerNorth Acquired by Stigwell agencies in Q1. To keep up with the latest work and compliments, follow StigWell on LinkedIn.

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