Stories @ Vic: An interview with ‘Hey, Teach!’ Co-Editor in Chief, Imani King

This month I had the pleasure of interviewing Imani King, a fourth year English major. She has been an active member of the Vic community for four years through her contributions to the Victoria College based magazine. Hey, Teach!. King states that Hey, Teach! is “the only UofT publication solely dedicated to the topic of Education.” Here are some thoughts of hers on her time at Vic and with the magazine:

What positions have you held at Hey, Teach! throughout your volunteership?

Imani King: I was a Junior Editor in my first year, the Editor in Chief Mentee in my second year, and the Co-Editor in Chief in both my third and fourth years.

What’s one of your favorite memories from your time volunteering?

Seeing the different magazine launches. Publishing our issues is always so satisfying! We also got a lot of readership online, especially with the Fall 2020 issue, “COVID-19: Now What?” as we saw that everyone had something to rightfully express.

What are you hoping to do after undergrad and what skills has volunteering with Hey, Teach! given you that will further your future endeavors?

I’m hoping to enter a career in Student Life and Student Affairs! I’m excited to keep supporting students, which is what I’ve gotten to do in a unique way by going through so many submissions over the last few years for each issue. Our contributors always bring amazing perspectives and lived experiences [to their work]so continuously engaging with that further helps me understand […] what students wish for and need.

How do you think the work you’ve done has benefitted your readership, community, and college?

Hey, Teach! is open to and made for the UofT community, so I think that the variety of contributors we have reached so far shows how we’re all naturally involved in education.

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