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These are small things that are not small, we all know that. If you stop and think about it, Easter Sunday is definitely a big deal. One man died and came back to life. The miracle of miracles, say the believers.

And at first glance, a simple donation to a local food bank has nothing to do with what happened 2,000 years ago in Jerusalem. But it affected me. So, I sent an email to Joana Hirasuna, Executive Director of the Shepherd’s Base in Glendara, who works every day to help anyone in need of “Hope and Helping Hands,” as the barn mission says. Hirasuna donated 85 Easter baskets from the families of the Glendara Online Study Academy. Gifts will be included in the Easter meal distribution in the kitchen on April 14-15.

She in turn introduced me to Melissa Hermann, who is a teacher and helps others every day. She first tells me that donating baskets was their honor and is very proud of the GOAL community.

Four weeks ago, online school staff sent out leaflets to 350 students and their parents, urging them to donate to the campaign: candy or stamped nuts, snacks, stupid putties, bubbles, small balls, jasmine and school supplies. Students made “Happy Easter” cards. All items were collected at Whitcomb High School in Glendara, where GOAL staff have their offices.

Carlos’ family throws Easter baskets as they help collect Desiree Calvillo, the case manager for Shepherd Pantry in Glendara. (Photo by Melissa Hermann)

Later, 50 students and staff collected the baskets. The staff took them to a shepherd’s barn in Glendara. The three kitchen facilities are the center of small miracles every day: food distribution, counseling, communication, coaching, case management and even hairdressing, and a year, small gentle days for clients ’mothers. People go there to get help. Many others come from nearby towns to Help.

Hermann said her online school families feel it is their responsibility to encourage children who may not have much reason to be happy.

“The GOAL program was launched last year and it was important to give our students the opportunity to participate in a service project, especially since most of them are not on their home campus site,” he said. “Last year we collected snacks and coffee products and donated them to the staff of Futhill Presbyterian Hospital as they worked to keep our community safe from COVID. This year we partnered with Shepherd’s Warehouse to collect Easter baskets for families who received free Easter food through the warehouse. ”

Hermann said GOAL staff are proud of the generosity of the students and their families and are honored to work with Pantry Shepherd’s to bring a smile to the children’s faces as they receive Easter baskets.

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