Students demonstrate creativity in art exhibitions

Local art students saw the best projects of the year this week at the Show Me Conference Art Show at the Miller Performing Arts Center.

Seventh – Twelfth grade students from Chamos, Eugene, Fatima, Lane, New Bloomfield, Russell Valley, South Calaway, St. Elizabeth and Toscombia shared their best work with their families and communities last week. On Monday, the Arts Center of the Arts hosted a reception that was attended by many students with their families.

Christy Haas, a new Bloomfield High School and middle school art teacher, was the coordinator for the event.

“It usually makes them proud of their art, and it gives them a chance to show off to others and they can show their family what they’ve done and what they’ve achieved,” Haas said. Haas said. “And there are a lot of students I’ve talked to … they want to go into the arts, so it gives them a chance to show off their talents.”

She said it could also provide a good gift to their portfolio.

The exhibition features creative pieces made of clay, wire and cloth, ceramics, glass, yarn and wire, books, burnt wood boards, vinyl records, pencil paintings, charcoal paintings, pistol paintings, paper and Cardboard, watercolor paintings, chalk paintings on display. And prints.

“Students are usually very happy to be selected for an art show. We’re just picking up some of the best things we’ve had so far during the school year,” Haas said.

On Wednesday, she ate first, second, third place and Pride Mention ribbons on works of art in each category, as well as the best display of first, second and third place ribbons in the best pieces of art. Winners are chosen by judges from the community. This year, they included members of the Jefferson City Arts Club.

Judges not only look at aesthetics but also look for skills and techniques in creating each part, including complex details that are difficult for the artist.

Charcoal, the judges said, was one of the toughest categories to judge because many pieces showed great ability.

Haas said the Miller Performing Arts Center was a great place to be, and that this is the first art show to be held since the start of the COVID-19 epidemic.

People at the Miller Center have tried to plan for more art exhibitions in the future. That way, community members can watch the games and enjoy the art in the lobby as well.

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