SXSW Movie Review: Lucasfilm’s “More Than Robots” Demonstrates the Creativity of the Next Generation of Droid Makers and Troubleshooters

At first glance, More than a robot The Lucas Film Limited project looks like a strange entry into Canon. The company, created by George Lucas, focuses mostly on scripted fantasy films Star Wars Projects account for more than half of the company’s total product. But when you consider that the project started with the documentation of the first robotics competition of 2020, which is exclusive to the team-owned partnership Star Wars: The Force for ChangeThe studio’s first documentary film not related to the creation of a scripted project.

(Lucasfilm / Disney +)

In premiering SXSW Before the movie string starts Disney + March 5 More than a robot The next generation is a showcase of creativity from problem solvers. Competing in international competitions, the film identifies four teams from around the world (two in California, one in Mexico, one in Japan) as they prepare for the 2020 competition and begin the competition, which Taking place in March 2020 … is the story. Confused by the global epidemic, but the story begins a new life as students remove their tools from the robot and help their communities in times of need.

More than a robot Not only does this highlight how good the first robotics competition is, but it also highlights the diversity of the teens who participate. Among the four teams presented at the show, there is a diversity of gender and ethnicity in the show. The students are all inspiring, but the big story in the film is about two teachers who are married, leading teams in separate schools. Fazal and Fatima lead teams in different schools with very different resources, which is also an interesting part of the documentary. See how these two teams get the most out of it to achieve the same goal.

The film touches on the creation of FIRST and its mission through interviews with founder Dan Kamen, but it is by no means a documentary about the organization or even the competition itself. The film is about the next generation of dreamers and performers who train themselves by accessing this fun STEM competition to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Movie title, More than a robotEven in an excerpt from these talented young minds towards the end.

The feature-length documentary is the first guide from Gillian Jacobs, who also directed a portion of the film. Marvel 3 For the Super Club, the co-production company of this documentary, the film is a celebration of the intersection of science, creativity, and storytelling. It is a project of interest to all involved, both behind the scenes and even behind the scenes, and it spreads to viewers as they watch and is inspired by the endless possibilities that STEM programs like FIRST can achieve.

I give More than a robot 4 out of 5 droids.

More than a robot Broadcast begins on Friday, March 18, at Disney +.

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