GOP-backed School Board Candidates Win Milwaukee Suburbs | Political news

By SCOTT BAUER, Associated Press MADISON, Wis. (AP) – Republican-backed candidates in local school council races have emerged as big winners in the Milwaukee suburbs, which are critical for the Democratic Republic of Wisconsin in nationwide elections, but have had mixed results in other parts of the battlefield. Tuesday’s school board elections in Wisconsin were … Read more

First Pope, US Churches Now Facing Internal Account | Oklahoma News

By Peter Smith, AP While Native Americans cautiously welcome Pope Francis’ historic apology for abusing boarding schools run by Catholics to natives in Canada, US churches are preparing for an unprecedented reckoning with the legacy of running such schools. Church schools are likely to feature prominently in a U.S. Department of the Interior report, led … Read more

Parkland, Florida, Beginning of School Board Shooters Election US News®

By Terry Spencer, Associated Press FORT LAUDERDALE, FL (AP) – The jury’s selection of the deadliest mass shooting ever to go on trial will begin Monday with an initial screening of a panel that will determine whether Nicholas Cruz dies on the murder of 17 students and staff at Parkland, Florida, high school. Court officials … Read more

Admissions policy for schools is controversial in fine pending appeal US News®

By DENISE LAVOIE, Associated Press Alexandria, Washington (AP) – A federal court of appeals has approved a request from a school system in northern Virginia to continue to use a highly selective high school appeal appeal policy, while appealing a ruling that found the policy discriminates against American Asian students. A panel of three U.S. … Read more

School leader fired for reading ‘New Butt’ book awaits fate US News®

BYRAM, Miss. (AP) – An educator in Mississippi will have to wait to see if he gets hired again after being fired for reading a children’s book called “I Need a New Ass!” For a group of second graders. Toby Price is trying to get his job back as an assistant principal at Gary Road … Read more

Bill Pennsylvania is targeting transgender girls in school sports Political news

By MARK SCOLFORO, Associated Press HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania (AP) – A Republican proposal to prevent transgender girls from competing in sports for girls’ schools passed Tuesday in the Pennsylvania House Education Committee, because of the Democratic opposition. The vote of 15-9 line party promoted the bill “Save the Women’s Sports Law” so that it could be … Read more

Tennessee House Promotes School Book Review Act Tennessee News

By JONATHAN MATTISE, Associated Press NASHVILLE, Tennessee (AP) – The Tennessee House on Monday passed a bill that allows school principals to view “obscene” books and threatens to withhold education funding and impose criminal penalties on school librarians if they do not follow instructions to remove them. The 63-24 House of Representatives vote passes the … Read more

South Carolina School Board Member Prosecutes 2 Defamation Critics | South Carolina News

IRMO, SC (AP) – A member of the South Carolina School Board has filed defamation lawsuits against two county residents associated with a Facebook group that has been critical of the member. The state of Colombia reports that Lexington-Richland 5 Vice President Ken Loves is suing Kevin Scully and Leslie Stiles. Scully has made critical … Read more

Louisiana School Helping Students With Mental Disabilities Louisiana News

By MARIE FAZIO, The Times-Picayune / The New Orleans Advocate New Orleans (AP) – Lantia Jackson carefully poured steaming water over the coffee grounds, her gaze fixed on the swirling mold. After consulting a list of laminated steps, she poured the coffee into a glass, added milk and served it to Robert Jones, who put … Read more